Why Glue Pennies To Kids Shoes

Playing the role of a parent is the hardest job ever. So we would like to suggest you one valuable tip which some of the parents are already using in order to make their lives easier. It may sound some strange thing to you but do you know that there is a connection between glue, loose change and your kid’s shoes? Well, this might change your life as a parent and give you appropriate answer for why glue pennies to kids shoes.

The trick is basically known as pennies for entertainment which involves sticking a few pennies on the bottom of shoes of your children, so as to keep them occupied especially when they are prone to be restless. In case you face difficulties in sending your children to school, then this way can solve your purpose in some way.

What is to be done to glue pennies to shoes? 

Gluing pennies to shoes can save your money that you would likely have to spend on purchasing children’s tap shoes. What you need to do is get some pennies and some glue to make beautiful DIY tap shoes for your kid. This trick has been experimented and adopted by many parents across the world for different reasons but the ultimate results have been spectacular for all of them. This trick also had a very good impression on children.

effect when you glue pennies to the bottom of shoes?

 Pennies are made up of copper material. Copper has the capacity to produce sounds of clinks when they are played with or are placed together. So when you stick pennies to the bottom of shoes, they come in contact with the floor when you kid walks or runs with it and this is how it makes sounds.

These sounds are much likely to give you the feel of the tap shoes. With these DIY baby shoes, you can easily perform the functionalities of tap shoes. However, to see the proper results, you need to take care of certain conditions by which you can create proper sounds. These conditions are as follows:

  • The pennies glued to shoes must be stuck to your kid’s shoes in a proportionate amount.
  • The floor that is made up of marble will be able to produce more sounds. However, if your floor is made up of wood, then also it can work fine.
  • You also have to careful with the method by how you glue the pennies to your kid’s shoes.

If the above conditions are fulfilled properly, then your kid will probably not find any difficulty to mimic the wonderful effect that is produced by the tap shoes.

Why Glue Pennies To Kids Shoes

  Why glue pennies to kids shoes?

  1. Make DIY tap shoes
  1. Save money from buying expensive tap shoes
  1. Keep your little one distracted

There are a few reasons that you would like to know why parents have been sticking pennies to their kid’s shoes. Well, these definitely have some beneficial effects on the mindset of your children.

The very first reason why parents have adopted this method is to produce DIY baby shoes that can act as tap shoes. If your children love dancing and aspire to be a dancer, then sticking pennies on the bottom of their shoes isn’t a bad idea at all.

By doing so, you can make them believe that their normal shoes work like tap shoes. This is even going to inspire your children to do some great dance moves.

Tap shoes are a little expensive as compared to normal shoes. So as to save the money from getting wasted, parents are adopting this hack to make DIY tap shoes for their children. These homemade tap shoes with pennies can save money as well as are enough to solve the purpose of tap shoes.

If you have really small kids and they start crying for no reason and at no particular time, then this trick can be great for you. The sounds produced by the tapping effects of the pennies on the floor can help your small babies to get distracted or divert their minds.

How To Stick Pennies At The Bottom of Shoes?

 First of all, let’s talk about what you will need to get this trick done. The things that you will need are pretty simple and easily available.

The glue that you will need for this has to adhesively strong, so the pennies can stick properly under the shoes. Make sure that you use an appropriate amount of glue because too much of it will not help in producing sounds. Also, if less amount of glue is used then pennies will not stick.

In case you don’t have good glue, then you can make the use of strong adhesive tape.

Talking about pennies, you must stick equal weight of pennies on each shoe, so that your kid won’t have to face any problem while walking or running.

Follow the below steps to make DIY baby tap shoes:

Start by putting two drops of glue in the middle of the penny. The bigger the size of the penny, the more the amount of glue you need to use.

Start sticking pennies one by one in a horizontal row under the sole of your kid’s shoes. Make sure to stick the pennies at both the front and the back part of the sole.

Do the same on the other shoe. Make sure that the weight of pennies is equal to both the pair of shoes.


If you are wondering about how many pennies you should stick to each shoe, then worry not. As we all know the size of baby shoes is very small, so sticking four to five pennies at both the front and back end of the shoes is enough.

Finding a trick to keep your children distracted is sometimes a hard job. We hope by using these penny shoes you can make your children stay busy and happy. Try out this wonderful trick and save your money from buying expensive tap shoes for your kids.

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