What To do With Old Wedding Dresses

There are literally so many emotions attached to our wedding dress that we never ever want to let go but what if it doesn’t fit you anymore? Well, it’s not only about the fittings but after so many years you can not even wear it again so what is the logic behind holding onto it? or What To do With Old Wedding Dresses? You should not because there are so many things you can do with your special wedding dress along with passing it to others.

You have already wear that on your special day but there are many girls who don’t get the chance to wear a pretty wedding dress as they couldn’t afford it so, you can actually pass it to them and let them wear a beautiful dress so that they can feel beautiful inside out! Not only this, but you can also actually do a hell lot of things including recreating them in a whole different way and style. So, let’s quickly jump into the subject and check out the ways!

What To Do With Old Wedding Dresses?

 If you are still finding the one perfect option of what to do with your most favorite wedding dress then we actually have other creative options for you. You might not be very interested in the option of recreation or donation so you can do other things too. We will be discussing 7 amazing and creative things that you can do with your wedding dress.

  • You can DIY your wedding gown and give it a whole new look along with color. If you give it some other color then you can actually wear it for every occasion.
  • You can wear it on your anniversary but only if it still fits you. If there is a slight issue of fittings then you can give it to a good tailor and they can adjust it a bit.
  • If you have a lacy wedding dress then you can use it as a jewelry display and you can now admire it every day. First of all, it will look great and the second reason is, you can keep track of the smallest jewelry items as well.
  • You can host a wedding dress party along with your best friends. In fact, you just need one reason to wear your wedding dress like Monica, Phebee and Rechal in F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

Hopefully, these ideas will make you happy and you can choose what exactly you want to do with your wedding dress. So, now stop thinking What To Do With Your Old Wedding Dresses!

What To Do With Old Wedding Dresses In San Diego?

 In San Diego, people are more open with dress donation and they would always go for that. So, if you are living there so you should always keep maintaining the chain of donating your wedding dress to someone who can not afford it. You will find many wedding coordinators or organizations who always welcome people for donating their wedding dress. So, why not take part in this?

However, we have discussed all the possible ways to make your wedding dress work and how can you make a difference in someone else’s life that too by a wedding dress. So, now it’s your call and you need to decide what exactly you want to do with your wedding dress.

What To Do With Old Wedding Dresses? Discussion
Donate Wedding Dress You can always choose this option and spread happiness.
80s Wedding Dress Recreating the old dress has its own emotion.
Wedding Dress Ideas There are so many and we have discussed a few of those.
Used Wedding Dresses Near Me You can search for it on the internet to get the details.
What To Do With Old Wedding Dresses? You can do a hell lot of things including give them a different color.
What To Do With Old Wedding Dresses In San Diego? Here, people love to spread happiness by donating their wedding dress.

1#) Donate Wedding Dress:

 As we said earlier, you can very much donate your wedding dress. You will find goodwill and salvation army who take every kind of donation including a wedding dress. There are so many people who can not afford a good or high-end wedding dress for their wedding so you can actually donate your dress to them and make them happy. In fact, you might know someone personally who wants to wear a high-end wedding dress but could not afford it, so you can even give your wedding dress to them as well.

Donating your wedding dress would be anytime the best option because you will be making someone happy with something that is no use for you now. So, let’s bring a smile on someone’s face!

 2#) 80s Wedding Dress:

 You must have listened to Wedding Recycle as in the dress. Well, our mothers have their own emotions attached with their wedding dress and they would love to see you in that as well. But, the time has changed so you can not pull off the 80s style hence, you can recreate it. Although the most appropriate term would be the restoration of a 80s wedding dress and this is process where you will be mended and cleaned a wedding dress to make it wearable and of course, you can add details to them.

Well, this process would cost you a bit high in some cases rather than buying a new one. But again, you can not compromise with emotions. If the gown has any sort of holes or it doesn’t fit you properly then it might cost around $300 to $700 and it will go on as you might want to add details. But, a good thing is that all of the vintage or 80s gown will not require color restoration as they are already in a natural color and the natural color of silk is never white. So, you can definitely give it a thought if you really want to wear your mother’s or grandmother’s wedding dress on you special day!

 3#) Wedding Dress Ideas:

 If you are looking for the perfect wedding dress but you have no idea how to get the perfect one then let me be clear here. You need to choose a wedding dress only according to your body shape and nothing else at all. Your wedding dress should enhance the beauty of your body so that you can slay the look. However, there are a few trends in wedding dress for 2020. Let’s quickly get a view of the most popular ones.

80s Nostalgia: Nowadays, the 80s style is really coming back and that’s because the volume of the dress is loved by every bride. You can literally recreate the look of an 80s gown and wear it on your special day.

Corset Dress Style: This has made a great comeback and this style looks great on almost every body shape. No matter how tall or small you are or fat or thin, this will look amazing on you.

These are just two types but there are so many varieties that are very much trendy nowadays and if you are going to marry in 2020 then you must check them all out!

 Used Wedding Dresses Near Me:

 Well, there are so many online sites nowadays who sells second-hand wedding dress and they are literally in very good condition. Many people sell their wedding dress which they have just worn for a day and never after that. So, the stores buy it from them and their designer recreates them and gives them a whole new look so that a new bride can buy it.

However, the perks of buying used wedding dress are, it will not cost use a hell lot and you can invest that excess money on something else. Nobody wears their wedding dress after that day so you can also pass yours to someone else or sell them. You need to search for a used wedding dress near me and the internet will show you all the results where you will find one. And then, you can actually visit the store or their online site to check out the collection.

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