Why Wear Wet Socks to Bed and Does it Cure Anything?

I have heard plenty of myths regarding wearing wet socks and you too must be wondering Why to Wear Wet Socks To Bed? Well, the answer would not be as simple as when I started searching for the reason, I have got a hell lot of reasons that might be considered.

You must know that going out in a cold will definitely give you cold and sitting too close to the TV will give you an eye ache but you will be amazed to know that wearing wet socks to bed might just prevent you from getting cold.

There might be many hot-blooded people like me and they can not even imagine wearing dry socks to bed but they might also think wet socks are not even an option. It’s quite obvious though as it sounds weird like wearing cold socks to bed and sleeps in that. Let’s check out some of the reasons and then you might be able to decide, is it really a myth?

Why Wear Wet Socks To Bed And Does It Cure Anything? Discussion
Why Should You Wear Wet Socks To Bed? There are plenty of benefits including it prevents cold and can really help in getting good sleep as well.
Why Should I Wear Wet Socks To? For a better sleep maybe? Well, we have discussed about plenty of reasons in this article.
Foot Fungus This is a serious situation that happens in between toes.
Athlete’s Foot Cure There are a few cures apart from medicine and we have discussed about it.
Athlete’s Foot Home Remedy We have mentioned some of the home remedies that are effective to cure athlete’s foot.

1#) Why Should You Wear Wet Socks To Bed?

People Wear Wet Socks To Bed but, Why? Well, previously that was nothing more than a myth but should you literally keep considering it as a myth? There are so many reasons out there and some of them sound realistic though! If you can not wear dry socks as it bothers you, then you can definitely try putting on wet socks as it will keep you feel cold all night long.

Although, there is a different explanation too. The thing is, when your feet begin to cool, the blood vessels in your feet contract and sending good nutrients to your organs as well as tissue. After that, once your feet begin to warm up the blood vessels will start dilating. It will eventually help in releasing the toxins in the tissue. Is the logic clear to your now?

However, to follow the technique you will need two pairs of socks and one needs to be cotton socks and the other one needs to be wool socks. Let’s see what you need to do!

  • You need to soak your feet in warm water until your feet turn pink. The time is around 5 to 10 minutes.
  • In the meantime, you should be soaking the cotton socks in cold water.
  • Once your feet are ready, you need to dry them off and then wring out the cotton socks and wear them.
  • Now, you are ready to get into the bed and keep them on for the entire night. You should be removing both of the socks in the morning.

If you follow this method, you will definitely witness some great results in the next morning. Although no clinical research supports this claim, myths do work, right? You must know that previously people used to believe in myths more than anything else.

2#) Why Should I Wear Wet Socks To?

If you are asking the reason then it would always be preventing cold. Wearing wet socks to bed is known for preventing cold. However, there is no such scientific evidence behind this myth but anecdotal evidence should also be considered, right? Although the people who can not simply wear dry socks while sleeping because of the body temperature will get the ultimate relief if they wear wet socks.

Quality sleep is very important for living a healthy life but what if you don’t get it? Have you ever imagined what can be the reason? Well, there might be plenty of reasons behind this but you need to think of your discomfort like what exactly is not letting you have a good quality sleep.

Wet socks are not only there to cure a cold but it can also bring good sleep. Some of the natural health experts often suggest wearing wet socks before going to bed at night. The increase in circulation will let you fall asleep quickly and you can literally enjoy a sound sleep. So, if you are somehow trying to get a good sleep for a few days now then wet socks might do wonder to you too.

1. Foot Fungus:

You must be heard the term ‘athlete’s foot’ as this is a very basic and common thing among people. Although it has no connection with wet socks as there is no such proof of these two are somehow related. This is a type of fungal infection that occurs in between the toes and it looks sort of flaky, dry, and scaly skin. It might also feel cracky sometimes. It will make you experience itchy and burning foot.

However, it is suggested to avoid wearing wet socks if you are having any sort of fungal infection in the foot. It might just make the condition worse. You can try other things that will give you relief from this condition.

2. Athlete’s Foot Cure:

Wear Wet Socks To Bed is a big no when you are having an athlete’s foot. Being a fungal infection it might simply get worse if you keep wearing wet socks during this time. Apart from medicine, you may simply follow some steps to cure this condition. Let’s find out!

  • Your doctor might ask you to soak your feet in diluted vinegar or saltwater as they really help to dry up blisters.
  • Tea tree oil has been used for years to treat fungal infections. Tea tree oil is known for its numerous anti-inflammatory benefits. So, you can simply use a few drops of tea tree oil on the affected area on a daily basis. You will eventually get rid of this.

These things can be followed in the case of fungal infection but the cure will somehow depend on how affected your feet already are. So, you need to ask your doctor before using tea tree oil and if you approve then you can use it. But, you do not need to ask about soaking your feet in saltwater as this can be done in any condition. It will help no matter what!

3. Athlete’s Foot Home Remedy:

The athlete’s foot can be treated with some of the home remedies but of course, you need to consult a doctor if the situation worst or you have found out about it a bit late. Let’s not ado further and check out the home remedies quickly.

1) Garlic:

It has a long history of medical use for many years and it is proven to be very effective against fungal infections. You need fresh garlic to soak suing fresh garlic leaves. After crushing three to four garlic cloves you should let it stir into lukewarm water. Let your feet soak at least for 30 minutes that too twice a day.

2) Hair Dryer and Talcum Powder:

Fungus need an ideal environment to live in otherwise they can not grow further. You need to get rid of all the moisture from your feet in order to keep the fungus away. You can simply blow the hairdryer after taking bath and then apply some talcum powder on the affected area. You can also wear socks that will keep the moisture away and the best material would be wool and tech socks.

3) Iodine with hydrogen peroxide:

Iodine, as well as peroxide, is commonly known for curing wounds, cuts, and killing germs on the skin. You need to mix them together and then dip a cotton pad in the solution and apply it on the affected areas. You should not use Idoline without diluting because it can damage your skin.

4) Baking Soda:

This is one of the common items that are readily available in people’s kitchen. It can be used to cure athlete’s foot cause it has antifungal benefits. You need to mix baking soda and lukewarm water and soak your feet into the solution for 15 to 20 minutes that too twice a day.

3#) Conclusion:

The increased movement of blood in your body often provides relief from pain so the wet socks can be really useful as it helps in blood circulation. In fact, it can do so many wonders that you can not even imagine. Have you ever thought that wet socks can help in digestion? Well, it actually increases blood circulation in many areas of your body including the stomach. Hence, the whole digestion process will automatically speed up and you will wake up every morning to a better digestive system!

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