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What is the Jackshaft Garage Door Opener and How it works?

Are you worried about your vehicle’s safety? We think it is pretty much normal because of the thieves. Washington has a lot of different garage door opener styles over the years but among many, Jackshaft Garage Door Opener has made its own impact and popularity. Mostly you will see that the garage door openers found on residential places and they are commonly installed above the garage doors in the center. However, the style opener is known as the trolley bar. Although the jackshaft is basically a newly found style in the market, it has made its impact just in few days. Isn’t it great?

The jackshaft style is much easy to install and it can be installed on the side of the garage door leaving a particular area above the door clear. However, this opener has been clearly made for commercial places other than residential homes. We have noticed that, in new homes, there is a recent trend where the ceilings of the garages are comparatively taller than the tops of the garage doors.

You must be wondering what should you do to maximize your storage? Most of the homeowners are right now thinking the same thing about how to maximize the storage so that it won’t block the rail system in the space above their garage door. We will obviously discuss the way out in this article. Let’s just get into the point.

What Is The Jackshaft Garage Door Opener And How It Works? Discussion
Jackshaft Garage Door Opener Reviews We absolutely love the Liftmaster one, this one will literally blow your mind.
Commercial Jackshaft Garage Door Opener Mostly the garage door openers are for the residential place but you will find a few for commercial places as well.
Residential Jackshaft Garage Door Opener You will be amazed to know the advantages and the properties of the residential garage door openers.
Chamberlain Garage Door Openers This is the perfect one for small homes and garages and you will have to pay less too.
Elite Learning You will require no such age to be a part of this learning process. The whole thing take place online and you can easily be a part of this.

1#) Jackshaft Garage Door Opener Reviews:

If you are willing to know what is the best jackshaft garage door opener, then there is nothing that can beat Liftmaster Jackshaft Garage Door Opener. We will discuss the product description along with the review of this product. But, you should be sure about the goodness of this particular product and you can easily get it on amazon.

2#) Liftmaster 8500 Elite Series Garage Door Openers:

Liftmaster 8500 is so great and it is on high demand always so amazon had to temporarily reduce the product selection but, you can still get yours. The problem will occur if you want to buy it in a bulk amount. Let’s check out the specifications of this garage door opener.

  • This elite series is stuffed with goodness and comes fully equipped with high security 2.0.
  • The design is space-saving, sleek, and it can easily be mounted on the wall beside your garage door just to free up the ceiling space.
  • It generally runs extra quite by eliminating vibrations and sound through the ceiling.
  • This is absolutely non-compatible with low headroom, roll-up doors, Wayne dalton torquemaster must have a front mount torsion bar system.
  • This is a durable, reliable, and powerful performance with our p3 motors.

These are the specifications that must have amazed you. Now, coming to the review of this product and how you can be satisfied with this.

3#) Liftmaster 8500 Review:

Well, after using this product for a while now, I must say that it is no doubt, a great product to rely on. You will be literally able to install it in a few hours and after installing this, you will be no longer witness the ugly old garage door opener hanging from the ceiling.

However, this will be the best purchase of yours and that’s my guarantee. Since this style opener rotates the jackshaft so it will reduce all kinds of spring tension for the closing cycle. The opener generally does not apply any downward force.

The easy installation will literally make you happier than ever. And it will also free up the ceiling place so you will have a neat door. Hence, we would suggest you go for this without any other thought. You will simply love this product like everyone else.

4#) Commercial Jackshaft Garage Door Opener:

Garage Door Openers that too for commercial places are not very rare but when it comes to a jackshaft, it might become a bit harder to find. You will find a few different ones that are great but among many, you should go for Liftmaster garage door openers. They actually have to a wide range of commercial jackshaft door openers and whichever model you choose, it will provide your dependability as well as innovation for the operation of commercial garage doors.

The safety and compatibility will be more than you can ever imagine, when it comes to the commercial jackshaft garage door, what else you need apart from these two? Let’s find out the attractions in a commercial garage door opener.

  • The jackshaft commercial garage door openers accept up to 20 remote controls as well as unlimited DP switch remote control along with the security remote technology.
  • Allows complaint with UL 325 requirements.
  • Allows signaling the door to reverse or stop if the closing time exceeds the maximum door travel to prevent the damage to the operator and door.
  • It provides protection against operator and door damage due to obstacles with the adjustable friction clutch.
  • The easy and emergency manual operation system will bow your mind.
  • CPS-U monitored the commercial protector system.

The commercial jackshaft garage door opener can be used on vertical or high sectional doors, grilles, and rolling doors. It generally provides 80-90 cycles in a day. The CPS-U will keep monitoring continuously to ensure safe operation of the door and limit door opener functionality should be an absolute obstruction to detect and it will eventually enhance the performance. The door safety and a broad range of features are offered to the users.

5#) Residential Jackshaft Garage Door Opener:

Most of the jackshaft garage door openers fit perfectly for residential places and we have discussed it before as well. But, what you should know is about the application, and the advantages before you started with the installation.

1. Application Of Jackshaft:

Some of the places where you should consider installing a jackshaft garage door opener.

  • Sloped and cathedral ceilings: A door opener that has central carriage is always an option. When the situation is like anything otherwise, it would be always convenient to use the jackshaft. Eventually, it will allow better accessibility for troubleshooting as well as servicing.
  • Garages with a high ceiling: If your door is around 8 feet in height and the ceiling is around 12 feet high or more than that. You should use a rail system as it will keep most of the space above the door accessible.
  • What if the depth of the garage is not sufficient? : You need to measure the clearance at least 48 inches above the door in order to install a jackshaft door opener. Sometimes, a pipe or boiler might also prevent installation.

Let’s not check out some of the advantages of the jackshaft door opener below.

2. Advantages:

  • You can use this door opener and it can be used for a door measuring up to 14 feet in height or maybe sometimes, a door with a maximum size of 180 square feet.
  • If the jackshaft model is equipped with security 2.0 just like the Liftmaster one, then it will ensure more security for remote control codes.
  • Some of the safety reversal systems will make the experience better than ever.

However, you are know known for every fact regarding jackshaft and why it can make a positive change in your life. If your first priority is safety, then you should never worry before choosing this.

6#) Chamberlain Garage Door Openers:

You might not know that Liftmaster and chamberlain both are basically manufactured by the same company and both of them are quite popular. Since the garage has become the most important part of every home, you should be choosing the right one according to your requirement. We all are worried about our vehicles and always finding the best way to keep them protected. If you have a small garage and want a simple solution, there is no best option except the chamberlain.

This is literally very easy to install as well as compact. You will never any other perfect solution for those who have a small home and garages and if course, a small vehicle. Somehow the price of chamberlain is also lower than Liftmaster and you don’t even need that if your requirement is not that extraordinary. Just a note, this door opener is a bit strong and you need to make sure that you are strong too!

However, you should always be choosing the garage door opener according to your need otherwise you might never get the desired result and waste your money on the right thing.

7#) Elite Learning:

Elite learning is quite popular among every age group, and the best thing is, you will never have to go to college or school to learn this whole thing. Elite classes are generally taught by highly qualified teachers and they train people online techniques as well as overload basics. You simply need nothing but an active internet to be a part of this.

The courses offered by this is the learning management system, and it is commonly known as moodle. You will literally get to learn a hell lot of things and there is no such age is required to be a part of this course.

8#) Conclusion:

Jackshaft might be 20 to 30 percent more expensive than the other garage door openers but when it comes to the perfect outcome along with top-notch safety, there is no other door opener that can beat this. Liftmaster is no doubt, the best one in the market and you might have to pay a bit extra on the opener but the installation process is so easy, that you won’t even need a single penny to spend on professional. You can simply DIY and the safety property will make sure, your vehicle is safe.

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