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How To Shrink A Hoodie – A Step By Step Guide

Once you have bought a sweatshirt, then you, later on, realize that you bought the wrong size and that is too big for you. Sometimes you have the option to return the item or to exchange it but sometimes that option is not available to you so get the answer for How To Shrink A Hoodie. In that case, most of you wonder about the methods that you can use to shrink the large-sized hoodie that you have bought.

We all have one or two sweatshirts that are our favorites but what if you have lost your weight and it doesn’t fit you well anymore? Baggy hoodies though are really comfortable but they can leave you looking shapeless. However, fitted sweatshirts are always in style in which you can show off your curves better. So if you wonder how to shrink a hoodie fast, then go through this article to learn how you can get it done.

How To Shrink A Cotton Hoodie

How to shrink a hoodie

Review the tag of your hoodie for washing details
Washing hoodie in warm water
Using boiling water to shrink the hoodie
Washing your hoodie in a washing machine
Drying sweatshirt in the dryer
Checking the fit when it cools down to room temperature.

Cotton is a fabric that is used to make most of the sweatshirt and the great part is that the sweatshirts that are made up of cotton are easiest to shrink. Clothes that are made up of cotton shrinks easily because the tension that is applied to the fabric is released when the fabric is washed and dried after that. To follow the complete procedure, check out the stepwise instructions below.

1#) Check out the tag attached to the hoodie for washing instructions

The first step on how to shrink a shirt is to review its tag. Reviewing the tag is important to see if there are any specific washing instructions mention in it. There are some fabrics that have the tendency to get shrunk easily while there are some fabrics that do not shrink easily.

Now what to do is, if the tag tells you that you can wash the fabric in cold water, then you need to wash it in warm water in order to shrink it. Fabrics like cotton, blend of cotton and polyester shrinks easily while fabric like rayon and nylon do not shrink easily.

2#) Washing your hoodie in hot water

To do this, what you need to do is to put your cotton hoodie in the clean sink and pour hot water on it for about 5-10 minutes. After that let it cool down until it comes to room temperature and checking its sizing. To check the size, you need to hold the hoodie up to your torso and examine this in front of the mirror.

In case the size of the fabric is perfect for you now, then you can wash it as usual. However, if you are not satisfied with the shrink then you need boiling water, washing machine and a dryer to do this job.

3#) Use boiling water to shrink the cotton sweatshirt

If your hoodie doesn’t shrink much by putting it in warm water, then boil a large pot of water at high temperature. When the water starts boiling, put your hoodie in it and close the pot with its lid. Now, turn off the heat. This boiling water helps your hoodie to shrink more.

If you are willing to shrink your hoodie to one size down, then you have to leave it in boiled water for at least 10-15 minutes.

4#) Washing your hoodie in the washing machine

After soaking your hoodie in hot water, its time to put it into the washing machine. Make sure that you have set your machine on hot water washing mode. After that, wash it as you normally wash your clothes by putting laundry detergent in it. Now, before putting your hoodie into the dryer, check the sizing of your hoodie.

When you want the shrinkage to be maximum, you have to use the longest washing size. But if you just want it one size down, use the normal washing cycle. While checking the size, hold your sweatshirt up to your torso and look straight in the mirror. If it seems fine, then let its time to dry it.

5#) Drying your sweatshirt

Use a very warm setting in the dryer for the longest time in case you are still not satisfied with the shrinkage. This will help in bringing down the size of your hoodie even more. But if you have already got the required shrinkage, then you can set the dryer on medium heat with normal drying time.

6#) Checking the fit after it cools down

After the drying process is complete, take out your sweatshirt. Let it cool down until it reaches the room temperature and then put it on to check its size for overall fit. Using iron after drying can help you in bringing its size down even more.

How To Shrink A Polyester Hoodie

 Clothes made up of polyester generally resists shrinking. But if you can put it your effort and dedicate time to it, then you can actively shrink the clothes made from polyester. In case you need little shrinkage in your polyester hoodie, then using a washing machine and dryer would be enough but if you require more shrinkage, then you can use the iron for it.

Using high heated water can lead to the fading of colors of your polyester sweatshirt. So, to reduce fading away of colors, turn your hoodie inside out before washing it. Make sure that you do not add other clothes along with your polyester sweatshirt in the washing machine.

Now, you have to set the washing conditions at extremely hot and longest wash cycle. Hot water provides the best results for shrinkage than cold water. You don’t need to add detergent in the washing machine unless you require to wash the garment along with the shrinkage.

Now, just like we have done in the process of the cotton hoodie, use the hottest settings for the longest cycle in the dryer as well. Bring down the temperature after you take out the garment from the dryer. Repeat the process until you get the desired shrinkage.

The only drawback of using hot water to shrink the polyester hoodie is that the color of the hoodie starts bleeding. For more shrinking, try using iron after the drying process.

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