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How To Put String Back in Hoodie

Have you ever come across a situation where the drawstrings of your hoodie get loose and then you try to figure out how to put string back in hoodie. Well, that’s a very common situation and all of us go through it. Learning some tricks on how you can fix your hoodie back is quite easy if you go through this article.

Drawstrings have been great additions to all sorts of clothing ( dresses, hoodies or bags) but it comes with a little issue. They have a great tendency to slip out of their casings. Instead of deciding on to discard your clothing item, you must quickly try to get it back into its casing. To do this in an easy way, we have got some methods for you that you can use to fix your hoodie string.

 How To Put String Back In HOODIE

How To Put String Back in Hoodie

By using a safety pin
Using a straw to insert the string
Using the knotted technique
Using a bent hanger

1#) By using a safety pin

This method is one of the oldest methods to get the solution to this problem. It can be sometimes dangerous too if you won’t handle the safety pin in a proper manner. You can also take the help of some adult to this job for you.

 2#) Pull out your drawstring from the casing

In case your hoodie string has started coming out but is stuck halfway in the casing, then you need to go ahead and pull it out completely from its casing. Re-inserting the string back is quite easier than trying to fix it back when it is halfway stuck.

3#) Insert the safety pin into the drawstring

For doing this step, you need to take a large-sized safety pin as it makes it easier to handle the string. Make sure that the safety pin fits inside the casing. Insert it about 1.3 cm away from the end of the string.

If you have gone out to buy a safety pin, then try to look for skirt pins that are sturdier and larger than the standard pins. In case safety pins are not available to you, then you can also use a paperclip instead.

4#) Inserting the pin into the eyelet

Eyelets are the circular drawstrings from where the drawstrings come out. Now, locate the eyelet and insert the pin into one of the two eyelets. Pull the safety pin through the casing until it reaches the other opening of the hoodie.

5#) Working on the casing towards the motion of the pin

Hold the pin using your one hand and with the other hand scrunch the fabric casing towards the pin. Now, pull the bunched up cloth away using the opposite hand. Note that it is necessary to hold the pin because if you won’t, then you can probably lose it inside the casing.

6#) Keeping pulling the cloth until the pin is at the other end

Now, what you need to do is to pull away from the fabric until the pin moves through the casing. Keep on trying this until the pin comes out of the casing from the other end.

7#) Removing the safety pin from the string

This is the last step in which you need to pull the strings from both the eyelets until its on equal length on both sides. After that, you need to remove the safety pin.

In case you want to avoid this situation from happening again, then you can tie knots at each end of the string. Make sure that the knots you make are larger than the eyelets in order to avoid it slipping back into the casing.

8#) Using a straw to insert the hoodie string

People often get confused about how to put a hoodie string back in, but we have got you covered. Sometimes the old method using a safety pin does not work for you because your hoodie is too large and the safety pin is small for that purpose. So, in that case you can take the help of a straw.

What you need to do is push about 2.5 cm of the string into the straw and then staple the straw. Then push the empty end of the straw into the one end of the eyelet. Now, pull the straw from the casing until the drawstring comes at the other end of the hoodie. This method is easier to use when the fabric of your hoodie is thick. Also, to remove the staple, make sure to use a staple remover carefully so that you don’t damage the delicate fabric.

9#) Using a knotted push technique

This is probably the simplest way in which you can get your job done. However, this technique can take some time for you to master it. This method is usually useful when you are on the go and you have no other tools available to you.

To perform this, firstly you need to flatten the string. After this, make a thick knot at one end of the string. Make sure that the knot you made is neither too big nor too small. It should be sturdy and big enough so that you can handle it easily and it won’t get lost in the fabric.

Now, start pushing the knot into the casing on one end and then gently start gathering the fabric. Pull the knot from one hand and try to bring it to another end of the hoodie by bunching the fabric. When the string has reached the other end, open the knot and make another knot of bigger size so that it won’t slip back into the casing again.

10#) Try using a bent wire hanger

This is quite a unique technique in case you are wondering how to restring a hoodie. This technique will help you in making a sturdy tool that you can use again and again. Untwist the wire and make it straight. At the end of the straight wire make a small hook and push the string into this hook. Push the wire into the one eyelet of the hoodie and keep on pushing it until it comes out through the other eyelet. Bend the wire when it is going through the round part of your hoodie.

To sum up, more than on focusing to learn how to put the string back in a hoodie, you must take care that the drawstring does not slip inside the casing of the hoodie in the very first place. Try out the above methods and let us know which one do you prefer.

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