Do you often forget to carry your corkscrew to the parties and picnics? Unless the person drinks only boxed wine or canned wine it is usually found that your wine is sealed either with a cork or a screw cap.

Most of the companies prefer to sell their wine with a cork and this means that the user is supposed to invest in a corkscrew or wine bottle opener. Misplacing or forgetting the corkscrew is one of the most common things that happen. If one has forgotten to carry their opener on a picnic, then there are ways in which one can work around it.

As this has already been mentioned many people ask “how to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew?” which can be done in several ways which are mentioned below.

How To Open A Bottle Of Wine Without A Corkscrew?

open a wine bottle without a corkscrew
open a wine bottle without a corkscrew

There are many different ways in which the people indulged in different professions can open a wine bottle without the corkscrew. These are mentioned below-

For the Handyman who uses tools

If the user likes to carry their home improvement projects or are a fan of DIYs then, they probably have an efficient toolbox somewhere in their house. A toolbox has a hammer, screwdriver, and a screw within it and this is one of the most relaxing ways that can be used to open wine without a corkscrew.

  1. For a cook

In the case of a cook who is planning to make a perfect meal, they can use a wooden spoon to push the cork into the wine bottle and then free their wine.

All they need to do is to remove the foil, find a spoon and then push the cork down into the bottle which is one of the greatest methods to remove the cork without using a corkscrew. This method also does not produce any cork crumbs which further reduces the work of an individual.

  1. For the seamstress- Some string

  2. For A Cook
    For A Cook

Out of the many ways which are mentioned to open wine without opener using string is the method in which cork is not left inside. This can be done by pushing the cork inside and down into the wine bottle.

The user can tie a stopper know which will place the string directly under the cork and then pull it out. There are many videos in which the step-by-step tutorial is shown for the help of the users.

  1. For a bookworm

Whether one is a student, a mother, or a business owner, everyone has some kind of a book lying around their house or table. The size or the kind of book doesn’t matter and it can be used to take out the cork of the wine bottle.

This is done by pushing the bottle against the book on the wall and then the wine inside will push the cork out of the bottle after applying appropriate pressure.

  1. For a biker- A bike pump

  2. ways to open a wine bottle.
    ways to open a wine bottle

This method is for people who enjoy biking or shooting hoops. These people might have an air pump to fill up the tires or the basketballs and this can be used if they are unable to find the corkscrews.

With an air pump, the user can move forward with their plan of a relaxing night with a full glass of wine. The pressure applied by the air pump pushes the cork out of the bottle and this is one of the most efficient ways to open a wine bottle.

  1. For the driver

This method has still not worked for a real cork but in the case of a synthetic cork, this can be very useful. Many people have a car key lying around them in the house or any kind of spare key which can be used as a corkscrew to open the wine bottle. This can sometimes function as a key to open the wine bottle.

  1. A knife for everybody else

  2. Wrapping The Bottle And Them Using The Wall
    Wrapping The Bottle And Them Using The Wall

Even the people who don’t prefer to cook a lot have a butter knife or any other kind of knife lying around in their kitchen. Opening a wine bottle using a knife as a makeshift corkscrew is a great method to keep the cork intact in order to recork the bottle later. The user needs to do this cautiously in order to protect themselves from getting cuts.

  1. Wrapping the bottle and them using the wall

This is the method on the list which is the most dangerous and has to be performed with caution. This is the best option when the user finds themselves scarce with the resources. They need to wrap the bottom of the wine bottle with a single or double towel and then bang it against the wall.

This will break the bottle so the user should be very careful while doing so. The cork will not get out of the bottle right after the first time and therefore it is advised that the bottle should be hit against the wall many times.

  1. Using a shoe

In the “how to uncork wine without a corkscrew” ways this is a little similar to the previous solution but a little less ballsy. The bottle is to be wrapped similarly but instead of slamming it to the wall, it should be put between the legs and then slapped with a shoe.

This method will take a long time to produce results but is a safer option. The user is advised to stop before the cork comes out all the way else a mess would be created and some permanent stains may also come up.

  1. Apply heat


This option does produce results. If the user has a blowtorch, then they can apply heat on the part of the bottle right below the cork. The heat forces the cork to move upward and then out of the bottle.

The user should ensure that while performing this solution the bottle is not too cold otherwise it may explode due to the steep change in the temperature. If the bottle has been taken outright from the refrigerator it is advised to place it in lukewarm water for some time before applying heat.

How Do You Open Wine Without A Corkscrew Reddit?

This question has been asked by a lot of Reddit users and there are several ways which are mentioned to do so. The user can shove in something blunt down there to act like a corkscrew.

A serrated knife can also be used as an opener at times. Even if the user does not have any tool, they can push the cork into the bottle and the pressure from the wine inside the bottle will push the cork out of the bottle.

Wrapping The Bottle And Them Using The Wall
Wrapping The Bottle And Them Using The Wall


Wine is one of the most preferred beverages whether it is for a party or a family get-together or if a person wants to spend some quality time with themselves. In case if they forgot to carry a corkscrew, this shouldn’t stop them from enjoying their time and therefore many people ask about “how to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew?”.

All the most probable and helpful ways have been mentioned in the article above and these require the most basic tools.

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