How To Make Shoes Smaller

Well, we all have been in such a situation where our perfect dream shoes don’t fit us so perfectly. You spot your favorite pair of shoes at some shoe store and you couldn’t resist yourself buying it, but then you realize that the size of the shoe is way too big for you. You wear your shoes and you are slipping and sliding all over the floor in the attempt to walk and then you want to get the answer about How to make shoes smaller.

It can be a little traumatic that you are not able to fit in your dream shoes and we all have that experience at least once in our lifetime. Well, the immediate remedy that anyone would think of is to go and exchange them on the shoe store but sometimes exchanges are not possible. One of the easiest ways of getting out of this problem is to replace the insoles.

You don’t have to stress much over this small matter on how to make shoes smaller feet size. There exist a number of proven facts that can help you fit into your favorite pair of shoes. I hope the tricks we are going to share can save you from being disappointed.

How To Make Your Shoes Smaller

    Methods to shrink shoe size     Description
Wear an extra pair of socksWear multiple layers of socks to fill in the extra space
 Buying new insolesAdding new insoles inside your shoes
 Filling up the empty spaceAdd toiled paper, tissue paper, and cotton pads to space in the front toe
Go to some professionalBetter to get your job done from some experienced cobbler
Shrink shoe size using waterSoak shoes in water and then blow dry it
Using elastic bandStitch elastic band around the heel area of your shoes

Sometimes we cannot resist ourselves from buying the shoes that don’t even fit us properly. Luckily, we have got your covered. Sharing the below tried and tested hacks, we can help you out in getting your shoes to shrink from big size.

1#) Wear an extra pair of socks or thick socks

 The first and the easiest way that you can try out in order to fit into your large-sized shoe is to wear multiple pairs of socks together. You can also use socks that are thicker than the usual pair of your socks. This will help in filling out the empty space inside your shoes.

It is probable the cheapest way to deal with this very common problem. We all bunch of pairs of socks inside our cupboards, so you really don’t have to go out and buy something to sort out this problem.

This hack works well when you have to fit into your boots or some athletic shoes because these are the shoes where everybody is required to wear socks.

The drawback of this hack is that you cannot use it for fixing your open-toe sandals. Also, if it is summer season then putting up so many pairs of socks can cause a lot of sweat and you surely don’t want to end up stinking your new shoes.

2#) Purchase new insoles

 Are you wondering how to make big shoes fit smaller feet? Well, then you probably need to become friends with your new insoles. This is a top choice for those who want to fit into large-sized shoes. This is a great way to fill out the empty and extra space in your shoes. All you have to do is to buy an insole and place it inside your shoes.

Keep in mind that the insoles you are buying are not for lifetime as you can replace them at any point you want. In case you are looking for longevity, then we would recommend you to avoid using gel or latex foam insoles. These materials easily get damaged if you wear them too often.

Instead of purchasing insoles of these materials, you can buy insoles made up of leather and poron which are long-lasting. Leather insoles are also good for breathability and for moisture-free surface inside the shoes. The best part of using insoles is that you can use them in any shoes that you want as they are replaceable.

3#) Filling the empty space

In case you don’t have much time to deal with your big shoe problem, then you can try this obvious and friendly method. What you got to do is to collect some padding material like toilet paper, tissue paper or cotton pads. Fill the empty space in the front tip of your shoes with these materials and you are good to go.

This trick is best when your feet experience sliding motion between the back and front tip of your shoes. This trick is good to solve the problem in boots with extra space or closed-toe flats which have space for filling in the material. However, this method cannot work on shoes with open-toe.

Make sure that you are not constantly stuffing things inside your shoes because this can lead to discomfort and bad smell.

4#) Take your shoes to some professional

 Well, we aren’t doubting your DIY skills but sometimes its better to get your job done by some professional. This is necessary when the pair of shoes that you have is of high quality and are really expensive.

You can ask the cobbler to fit the heel grips, heel liners, tongue pads, and insoles into your new pair of shoes. You might have to spend a little extra, but it will be totally worth it if you are getting your job done from some professional hands.

How To Make Shoes Smaller Without Insoles

Most of the methods require inserting insoles and other padding materials but some people do not find this comfortable. There are some more methods where you don’t have insert insoles to shrink your shoe size but want to resolve how to make shoes smaller. Scroll down to check these out.

1#) Shrinking shoe size by using water

 There are certain kinds of shoes that can be shrunk using water and leather conditioners. The process is to air dry the wetted shoes which results in the shrinking of the shoe size.

You have to be careful while performing this technique because this can cause damage to your lovely pair of shoes. To begin with, you need to get your shoe wet in water. If you have leather or suede shoes then you can use a spray bottle to get them wet and if you have athletic or casual shoes then you can directly soak them in water.

After this, allow your shoes to get dry in the sun. You can also use a dryer in case there are clouds. Make sure that the settings of your dryer are at low mode and it should not be held too close to your shoes. Once your shoes get dry, try to put them on. You can feel that there is a slight difference in fit.

If case you don’t feel any change in the fit, then you can repeat this process several times until you get your desired fit.

2#) Using an elastic band

If you are good at sewing, then this hack can work well for you. Otherwise, you can probably end up damaging your new shoes. The purpose of stitching an elastic band into the shoes is to pull the shoe heel area inside to get a perfect fit.

What you need to get this done is one needle, thread and an elastic band that is to be stitched inside the shoes. The inner part of the shoe heel area is best suited to stitch the elastic band. Make sure to keep the elastic band tight as you sew it all around the heel area.

For those people who don’t know sewing, safety pins can do the work for them. As the elastic band stretches outwards, the loose material of the shoe is pulled inside, making the size of the shoe relatively smaller than before.


To sum up, of course, you got the answer for the question How To Make Shoes Smaller and in case of exceptions there is no magic solution to any of the problem in this world. However, I would always recommend you guys to choose the right shoe size in order to avoid any discomfort.

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