How To Make Shoe Non Slip

In the earlier days, people who used to work in food industries, as well as custodial employees, were the ones who generally required to invest in good slip-resistant shoes. This was necessary for the employees in order to avoid the frequency of getting injured because of slipping and falling on the floor you need to get the answer about how to make shoe non slip.

However, with the changing time, employees of most of the industries have made it mandatory for the workers to wear non-slip shoes. Restaurant workers, technicians, veterinarians, nurses and other medical staff are examples of such employees. In case you are one of these workers, then it would be best for you to have non-skid shoes.

Well, for those employees who do not have anti-slip shoes, we have got various amazing methods which can help you out with this problem. Below are given some really effective tips on how to make your shoes non-slip.

How To Make Shoe Non slip At Work

                           Methods             Description
Adhesive bandages Stick two adhesive bandage at the sole
Using sandpaper Rub the sandpaper to abrade the sole of your shoes
Using nail file and grip pads Rub nail file to increase the grip of your sole or attach grip pads
Puff paint Paint the sole with a thin layer of puff paint
Masking tape or a mixture of salt and rubber glue Stick a few rolls of masking tape on the sole or else apply the mix of salt and rubber glue to create a rough texture
Buying a non-slip sole Purchase a non-slip sole and attach it on the outer part
Attach an ankle strap Fix an ankle strap around your sandals

 1#)Making use of adhesive bandages

This tip is going to help you a lot especially if you are working at a place where you are prone to fall even if you are wearing really good quality shoes. All you have to do is to take two adhesive bandages and stick them at the anterior part of your shoes.

Also, make sure to use these bands at the heel part of your shoes too, as this will increase the grip of your shoes. You can use this trick in case you have a shortage of time and it is urgent for you to go to your workplace. Using this trick, you can avoid unnecessary injuries due to falls.

2#) Using sandpaper to abrade the soles of your shoes

 It may sound a little strange to you but you can definitely make non-slip boots by creating friction on the sole of your boots using sandpaper.  This is a great choice, especially if you are working in a restaurant that has a slippery floor and makes you wonder how to make non-slip shoes for the restaurant.

 While working with the sandpaper, you have to be a little careful. All you have to do is to remove the shoes from your feet and rub the sandpaper on the smooth parts of the sole. Make sure that you do not rub the sole too much as it can create excessive wear on the soles of your shoes. Excessive rubbing can damage your shoes, so rub accordingly only.

Use sandpaper on those parts of your shoe’s sole which are mostly in contact with the floor. Rub the surface until you feel that it has become a rough enough to do the job. You can use finer sandpaper to do this job but it will better if you use a 50-grit paper to do this. Keep this in mind that this trick cannot be used for shoes that have got natural and cardboard-like texture.

3#) Using a nail file or a grip pad

 Apart from using sandpaper, you have another option which is quite easily available for you and this is a nail file. All you have to do is to use the nail file in the same way you have used the sandpaper. Use the nail file in scuffing the smooth portions of the sole which are generally in contact with the floor.

Using a metal nail file will be a great choice as it can provide you better efficiency. However, if you don’t have a metal nail file at your home, then you can use the emery board instead. Also note that just like sandpaper, you need to use a nail file that is coarser because it can help you produce better results.

Another thing that you can use to non-slip shoes for less is a grip pad. It is especially beneficial when you have a worn-out shoe. To make this solution work, all you need to do is to put the textured pad on the sole of your shoes.

Purchase grip pads that are of high-quality. Investing in good grip pads will make sure that your shoe will not end up sticking on the floor. Fortunately, grip pads come at a very affordable price, which gives you a perfect solution for your problem.

4#) Using a puff paint

Another very common trick to make slip-resistant shoes is by making the use of puff paints. Puff paint is a type of paint that is utilized by kids for their art and crafts. Once the puff paint dries out, it produces a rough and texture surface.

In order to take advantage of this solution, all you have to do is to put a very thin layer of paint on the sole of your shoes. After that let it dry completely. After the paint dries out completely, you are ready to wear your shoes. However, this method cannot work permanently. You have to keep re-applying the paint whenever you feel that it has come off.

5#) Using a masking tape/ mixture of salt and rubber glue

 Masking tape is a very good solution if you want to give extra traction to your shoes. All you need to do is put a few rolls of masking tape on the sole of your shoes. You can try to form the shape of x with it. Make sure that you apply the masking tape on the flattest and widest portion of your shoes to get the best results.

Another trick that you can easily use is to apply a mixture of rubber glue and salt at the soles. This will provide grainy texture to your soles and will make sure that you don’t easily slide around.

6#) Using a non-slip sole

 If you are someone who expects long-lasting effects, then this trick is for you. This solution will provide you the best slip-resistant shoes because it gives a long-lasting result. All you have to do is to attach a non-slip sole at the outer part.

It does not only provide you some extra grip but also helps your original sole from wearing out. This solution can even work for several years if you maintain it well. Another advantage of purchasing a non-slip sole is that it is not at all expensive. You can also easily purchase it online in case you want some extra discounts.

7#) Fixing an ankle strap to your sandals

 Another solution to your problem is to fix an ankle strap around your sandals. This trick is not ideal for all the shoe types. It can work best for female workers who have to wear heel sandals in their workplace. With the help of the ankle strap, you can maintain a very good balance while working at your workplace. This also helps in reducing the risk of falling and sliding on the slippery floor.


As a worker, it is important for you to give priority to your safety. Not everyone is in a condition to purchase the best non-slip shoes available in the market. However, anyone of you can use the above tricks to fix How To Make Shoe Non Slip or make your own affordable non-slip shoes. Make your own DIY non-slip shoes and walk around confidently at your workplace.

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