How To Level A Concrete Floor That Slopes?

If you are at your home and feel like you are getting pushed to one side and can’t stand up, either you are too drunk otherwise the floor could be sloping. You must have come across the sloping floor and know how annoying they are.

Once I have been in an antique shop and was finding the proper piece but only how could I be able to select one when I can not stand up steady? Of course, the concentration will be deprived and it’s pretty normal.

How To Level A Concrete Floor That Slopes?

However, leveling a concrete floor that slopes are not at all simple. It requires not only very careful planning but also heavy labor as it needs to be done properly. Let’s get straight into the point and see how to make it an easy deal!

1#) Self Leveling Concrete:

Self-leveling concrete is nothing extraordinary but a cementitious mixture like concrete. But the only difference is, it sets up faster as well as flows easier. You need to mix the product along with water and spread evenly with a gauge rake. Once, it gets spread out you don’t have to worry further as it will flow evenly and levels itself out.

Whenever you need to make a floor smoot and even, this can be a cost-effective and fast solution to the problem. Here are some of the tips that will help you to do it in a better way.

You need to buy a sufficient product than you need. You have to finish the job in just one pour so that you don’t have to go back to the store for more.

You need to have all your supplies ready once you start to pour, you will only have a minimum of 10-20 minutes to work.

You need to keep your leveler product dry and keep the bags store indoor and up off the ground.

You should not mix the product in extreme cold or heat.

You must keep the ratio the same as adding more water would never give you the desired outcome. So, the mix ratio is very important.

The tools and buckets need to be cleaned immediately after you are done. You should not allow the products to set, then it will never come off.

You need to be careful about pouring the products as you shouldn’t take extra than you need. If by mistake you take any extra, you should quickly scoop it into the bucket and remove it.

Hence, we have discussed all the effective tips that would make your job perfectly and you do not need to worry further. Check out the list of the products that you need to execute this job.

Mixing buckets.

Broom, mop, shop vacuum.

Mixing head and drill.

Gauge rake.

Silicone caulk.

Plastic sheet or kraft paper.

Primer and leaving the product.

Buy all these products before starting the procedure.

2#) Floor Leveling Compound:

If you want a smooth base for your floor then this floor leveling compound would work the best. The floor leveling compounds are designed to save flooring contractors’ valuable money as well as time. There are some of the benefits of floor leveling compound and you should know those. Let’s find out below.

1. Cure really fast:

The floor leveling compounds contain a rapid setting formula that also accelerates with floor preparation.

2. Flexibility part is good:

The flexibility would match any sort of applications starting from the floor concreting to other related applications.

3. User friendly:

The flow characteristics are great and most of them are pumpable so you won’t face any difficulty while pursuing this operation.

4. Fiber Reinforced:

Most of the compounds are literally reinforced with fiber for crack-bridging as well as flexibility. However, there are so many different compounds available in the market and you need to choose which is the easiest to use. Available compounds are formulated with gypsum-based, water-based, latex-based.

This is proved as the most time-saving solution for contractors and it makes the leveling to the next level perfect. Although the underlayer is the most necessary part of floor leveling and without this, you won’t get the desired result.

3#) Floor Leveler:

Leveling a concrete floor was never a really easy job and you need to do a lot of planning before trying your hands in this. Often when we feel that we need to fix a concrete floor that slopes and make us uncomfortable, floor leveling is the ultimate option left with us and that’s pretty obvious.

You need to examine the condition of the concrete surface and detect how much you need to do to get the best result. There are so many solutions such as tile flooring or solid wood but you need to see what suits you as well as your home. After that, you need to collect all the necessary things for this application and then only continue the work.

4#) Concrete Leveling:

Concrete leveling is the last part to complete the whole process. Once you will notice that the primer has dried, you need to apply the concrete leveler now. You need to prepare the concrete by mixing it with water in a bucket. You can simply use a drill mounted mixer to mix the paste. The concrete levels boast a minimum time of 15 minutes of flow life and you need to do everything within that time period.

You need to use a long-handled squeegee to do the push and pull process across the concrete surface. This part is very important to make an even layer of this. However, the gravity will do the most and it will bring the liquid to a level that is required. You will notice that a smooth surface has been formed. Within 24 hours, you will see that it gets perfect.

If you have a plan to install a new floor level over this newly formed surface then you can go for it. But, there will be a time limit for everything like if you want a tile flooring, you have to begin the installation within 4 to 6 hours. If you want to install carpet or other resilient then you need to wait up to 16 hours and then start the process.

You should be planning everything beforehand so that you won’t have to face any sort of issues in between the application. Starting from the materials to the next level installation everything should be decided first and then go for it. The mixture should be perfect otherwise it will never give a smooth finish.

How To Remove Tile From Concrete Floor?

If you are willing to remove tiles from the concrete floor then you need to follow a proper process otherwise there is a high chance that you will fail. Let’s check out the tools required for the whole process.

Electric tile stripper.

Cold chisel.

Dust mask.

Hand maul.

Shop vacuum.

Knee pads.

There are three steps that need to be followed during this application.

The first step would be starting with the hand maul and chisel. You need to work the chisel between the concrete and tiles. You need to hammer then up with a 2-lb maul. Start from the broken tile or any other where the grout has loosened. You need to work the chisel and make the tiles lose. During this operation, you need to wear safety glasses, pants, gloves, and others.

Once you have broken all the tiles, you need to spread thin-set mortar all over the concrete. It will eventually make the floor leveling perfect and smooth.

After these two steps, there will be still some voids. If you are installing new tiles then you can use the latex thin-set to make the tiles set perfectly.

However, if you feel that these steps are a bit difficult then you can simply install the new tile directly over the old ones. It will make the floor a bit higher so you might have to end up trimming the door. But, it would be the best and easy solution if you are not a pro.

Self Leveling Compound:

You must already know that a self-leveling compound is nothing but a chemical mixture that is basically used to make the uneven and wooden floors smooth. For self-leveling compound, you need to follow the above process and nothing other than that. It will make the job easy and the best part would always be that you can do it yourself without any hassle.


Making the slopy floor perfect would be an easy job if you follow these steps step by step and not rush into anything. You need to do it perfectly so that it gives you a neat finish and you can enjoy your new flooring. When it comes to flooring, it would be easy to go for the tiles because of the easy application. The rest depends on you!

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