How To Fade Jeans: Here’s The Ultimate Solution

Faded Jeans are no doubt, the ultimate love of every single young start and that’s obvious because it gives you a perfect and pretty look. Most importantly when we keep finding the right jeans that we can wear with different tops or blouses, faded jeans will definitely steal the show. They have a perfect finish and they come in different shades such as black, charcoal gray, denim blue and others so you can choose which one you need or get the answer for How To Fade Jeans.

There might be a shade that you love so much and definitely want to have but certainly, you are having two minds because it is not faded. So, would you just let it go because it is not faded? Well, nowadays there are so many ways to make your jeans faded so you do not need to worry and buy your favorite one! Now, you must be searching for the way of how can you actually do this. We will definitely share all the details with you so that it becomes easy for you.

How To Fade Jeans?

 Well, first of all when you are thinking of making your own customized faded jeans, you should definitely think of how light you want to go! Because there are so many varieties of shades and you can make any. However, let’s discuss the easiest ways below.

How To Fade Your Favorite JeansDiscussion
How To Fade Jeans?We have discussed the whole process in this article.
How To Fade Blue Jeans?The process is simple and you just need to follow them one by one!
How To Fade Jeans Evenly?Bleach is the right way.
How To Fade Black Jeans?Just wash it with chlorine bleach.
How To Fade Jeans With Salt?This process will take two days straight.
How To Bleach Clothes?The process is discussed in this article.
How To Bleach A Shirt To Remove Old Deodorant Stains From Black Shirts?Bleach is never the right way to get rid of deodorant stains.
  • You need to douse your jeans in water and definitely make sure they are completely soaked.
  • Now, you need to wring out the excess water from your jeans.
  • Take a full bucket with lemon juice.
  • Now, put the jeans into that bucket.
  • This process will possibly take a few hours but in the meantime, you need to keep checking back on your jeans just to determine the right shade just as you wanted.
  • Now, if you think that it’s done. You need to rinse jeans with clean water.
  • The last but not the least, let them get dried om a hanger in the sun.

Hence, these steps are very easy and you will be needing just a few hours to give your jeans the perfect faded look as you always wanted. 

How To Fade Blue Jeans?

 Well, you might think that making the jeans faded means following the same process for every color. But, certainly, it is not at all true. You do need to follow different steps for different shades so let’s quickly check how to fade your favorite blue jeans, below.

  • First of all, you need to take coffee beans by the handful and rub them thoroughly on the areas where you want it to be fade.
  • Next, you need to pour boiling water over the top of the pants and wash them with clean water.
  • After washing the jeans, you can simply enjoy the look.

 However, these steps will take around an hour and you will get the perfect look you want. What’s stopping you from wearing the favorite faded jeans of yours? Follow these steps at home and enjoy it!

How To Fade Jeans Evenly?

 If you are still wondering How To Fade Jeans then you should stop now. Because we have already discussed the way and that is so simple and you can try it at home. But, if you want to fade your jeans evenly then the process would be a bit different, of course. You do need to follow the bleaching process to get an even look. For bleaching, you can follow the steps below.

  • You need to fill the bathtub with at least 5 inches of water.
  • Next, wear rubber gloves for your own hygiene purpose.
  • You need to pour ½ cup of bleach into the bathtub.
  • After that. Agitate the water by your hands so that it can be mixed thoroughly.
  • Now, put the jeans into the water and keep them spreading as flat as possible. You need to confirm all fabric is covered with the water.
  • Next, leave it there for five minutes and watch it. If you think the jeans has reached the color you wanted, then remove them from water.
  • Now, rinse the jeans in clean water and wash the jeans with a good detergent.

Once, you are done, you will get the perfect jeans that too faded by you. Now, you need to remember that wet denim looks darker than dry denim so do not keep it into the bleach water for more than five minutes.

 How To Fade Black Jeans?

 If you have a black jeans you do not like the jet black shade anymore then you can simply give it a new look. However, fading your black jeans is comparatively easy and there is no such long process. You just need to wash your black jeans in your washing machine with chlorine bleach and you will see the magic. Chalice bleach will literally lighten the color of your black jeans and you will get a new gray one, ta-da!

 How To Fade Jeans With Salt?

 Fading your jeans with salt is anytime considered to be the easiest way ever. However, the process is not any difficult but it requires more time than others. So, let’s quickly jump into the process.

  • First of all, pour at least two gallons of water along with two cups of salt into a bucket. Now, mix them well. You can add more salt if you want to get the excess faded look.
  • Now, put the jeans into the bucket and make sure that it is fully covered with the water.
  • You need to keep the jeans there for straight two days and keep it agitating.
  • Now, you need to take the jeans out of the water and place it on a flat place. You should be using a piece of medium-grit sandpaper and scrub on the areas where you want the more faded look. Continue this process, until you get the look.
  • Now, hang the jeans for air dry.

Once, you are done. You will get exactly what you wanted.

How To Bleach Clothes?

 The process of bleaching clothes with be the same as How To Bleach Jeans so you can simply follow the steps and get what you want. Bleching clothes do not require anything extra but you must count on the time and wear gloves for safety.

 How To Bleach A Shirt To Remove Old Deodorant Stains From Black Shirts?

When it comes to getting rid of deodorant stains, bleaching is never considered as the right process. Apart from that, bleching is something that is most suitable for white clothes not at all for black clothes. Hence, you should follow the other options such as vinegar or others but not bleaching.

However, we have discussed all the possible and easy ways to get the desired faded jeans but you should follow these processes thoroughly. Cutting of any step would never give you the desired thing so let’s get started.

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