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How to Connect A Generator to House Without Transfer Switch?

Have you bought a portable generator? Well, buying a portable generator has literally become a trend nowadays but until you know the right way to connect it, it is going to be difficult for you. To be more precise, if there is no transfer switch available it will be more difficult. There are many areas where people face heavy storms and no electricity condition that too more often, you just need a stand by generator for these types of areas.

There are so many different types of generator but the most popular one would be a portable one for many reasons. It really doesn’t matter which type you are going for or the purpose behind it, but something that matters the most is, how to use them. The question will revolve around, the generator you have bought, do you know how to use it?

There are so many people who simply go and buy a portable generator just because they have heard about it but otherwise they are absolutely clueless. When you own a portable generator you should have a transfer switch because otherwise, it will be no use. The power you generally get from the generator helps you to connect with TV, fridges, and many other appliances when there is no electricity in your area.

Hence, you must be finding the way out to connect your portable generator without a transfer switch? Well, we actually have come up with some of the great alternative ways that can be the best solution but of course, you need to follow them rigorously otherwise, there will be no success. Let’s not ado further and find out some of the ways.

How To Connect A Generator To House Without Transfer Switch? Discussion
How To Connect A Portable Generator To House Without Transfer Switch? We have discussed the whole process of connecting the generation without any switch and you need to follow the steps rigorously.
What Is An Inverter Generator? An inverter generator is better than the other ones and there are many reasons behind it.
Generator Transfer Switch This is very much important to connect it with a generator and we have discussed it in this article.
Generators Direct They have a wide range of generators and you can choose from the collection.

How To Connect A Generator To House Without Transfer Switch?

People like you are finding the best way of How To Connect A Generator To House Without Transfer Switch, and it is quite obvious because they too have bought it by peer pressure and know nothing about how to connect. Well, check out below.

1#) Step 1: Get the Materials

You need to rememeber that you will be dealing with electricity so you will have to be prepared with the right tools, no matter what. When you will realize that you have everything that you will be needed for this operation, it will be easy and half of the job will be done too. However, patience is the key to a successful outcome. Let’s check out the materials given below as you need them all for this operation.

1. Interlock Kit:

The interlock kit will help you to connect the generator even without a transfer switch. You just need to be sure that you have the compatible model with the generator. If they are not exactly made for your inverter, you will be unsuccessful.

2. Breaker:

You need to notice what type of generator you have and then get yourself a proper breaker that will be compatible. You will need a two-pole double breaker with 30 amp power as it commonly meets every generator.

3. Wires:

This typically depends on the area and property you have or living. You need to get yourself at least three sets of electric wires and they should be 10 feet of 10 gauge wires. You need to be a little patience here because dealing with electric wires is not a joke. You need to pick different colors.

4. Safety Measurements:

Safety should be your uttermost concern since you will have to deal with electric elements. You should be following the instructions properly without any mess. You need to wear a pair of work gloves and protective eyewear to maintain safety. You also need to wear boots that you keep your feet safe.

5. Others:

Coming to the rest of the tools which are quite common. You need to keep the pliers, wrenches, screwdrivers, huge-bit-drill, electrical tape, and other electrical gears.

2#) Step 2: Figure Out Amperage And Plug Type

Now, coming to the step 2, you need to have a generator with a huge round plug in order to work with such setup. Hence, it should fit the plug on both sides of the breaker. You can also find the amperage close to the plug. However, you will find some codes too. You need to learn the codes to adjust the materials.

3#) Step 3: Hole Drilling

You will have to drill a hole so that it can serve as an accessible one. This hole will aid you to pass electrical wires that too inside the house. You need to drill a big hole to make sure the wires fit and pass properly. You should try to find the spot far from your generator. You will have to keep it as distant as possible. If your home has thick walls, you need a hammer drill.

4#) Step 4: Ammase Different Element

This is the most important step where you need to do real work. You need to try to mount the power inlet box literally far away from your home. The distance should be at least a few feet away on the exterior wall. You need to check as well as ensure the hole is watertight. After that, get the assemble and conduit it. You need to use some glue in order to ensure the attachment properly. This part will maintain safety.

Now, you will have to deal with the generator inlet plug by wiring them. After pulling the wires at a time from the conducting body, you need to fix the plug. While you are doing this, you need to keep one thing in mind that black means X or Y, green is for ground, and white is common. Next, you will have to prepare the breaker box and push the wires inside. You need to turn off the main breakers and branch them properly. Now, the installation process of wires and breakers will be easy and you need to finish the operation by covering them again.

Hence, you should be using one interlock kit to fix one generator without a transfer switch. You should be maintaining proper safety and follow all the instructions.

What Is An Inverter Generator?

Inverter Generator is quite popular among people as they can provide with clean as well as quite a power for recreation, emergencies, or work. Invertors can supply you with power as clean as the type you will get from the outlets in your home. They are known for being most lightweight and quite. The best part is, they do not make any sort of sound like other generators and that’s it it is popular. The variable speed engines offer efficient fuel consumption in order to keep you powered for a long time.

1#) Generator Transfer Switch:

The Transfer Switch is very much important and if you do not have one at your home then we have discussed the process of how to get one. The transfer switch is needed to isolate the backup of your generator from the electric utility when it is providing temporary power. The control capability of a transfer switch will be manual or sometimes a combination of automatic and manual.

The transfer switch is a must-have if you have a portable generator at your home as it is the safest way to connect to the generator to your home.

2#) Generators Direct:

This is a UK based online retailer and they have a large variety of generator products. There are so many products starting from, petrol generators, diesel generators, silent generators, long-run generators, electric start generators, recoil generators, and others. You can check out them and the collection will woo you. The extra support will be always with you to give you the best result and experience. You can even find some great portable generators and but it from them. The safety guide will help you to get the best out of the machine.


Hence, you know how to deal with the electrical equipment and get it done by yourself. People mostly face this issue when they buy a portable generator in spite of being clueless about it and you too can not disagree with this. However, you should maintain all the safety measurements and you should also think if you are capable enough of doing this. If you feel that you are not confident enough to do all the steps along, you should never go for this. Dealing with electrical equipment is always a risk as well as complicated.

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