Wondering how can you make your kitchen look attractive by installing a DIY hanging pot rack? That is just what we are going to help you with in this article, by suggesting some fruitful ideas and a better understanding of how our pot racks situated in the kitchen. So, keep reading!



Bar braces Estimating tape
Hacksaw Square
Sandpaper Paintbrushes
Mitre saw Medal record


1-1/2” brad nails 1×2 x 6’ board
#4 screw snares Polyurethane
S-snares 1×3 x 6’ board
3/8-inch wooden furniture catches Stain
Wood stick 1×2 x 4’ board
#135 x 15-foot chain, 340-pound working burden limit Copper pipe
1-5/8” screws Wood filler
#2 screw snares #18 x ¼-inch wire brads

Stage 1. Cut the Materials

Cut the side, support, and end rails, chains, and copper pipes, as per the desired length.

Utilize your preferred hardwood for this venture. Make certain to document the ends of the copper pipe in the wake of cutting. To tidy up the line and give it a touch of shine, rub the line altogether with steel fleece and try to focus on a similar course along the length of the line. Completed measurements: 2 ½” high, 40” wide, 24” profound

  1. Stage 2. Set Up The Rails

Join one hold-up rail flush with the base edge (with the pointcut) and focused on one side rail and connect utilizing paste and #18 x 1-1/4-inch wire brads. Rehash to make a second side gathering with the excess side rail and one hold up the rail.

Set Up The Rails
Set Up The Rails

Position the excess to hold up rail focused and flush with one edge of the two end rails and join utilizing paste and #17 x 1-1/2-inch brads

  • Stage 3. Gather The Base

Position the end rails to flush with the base edge on one side rail and against the finishes of the hold-up rail connected to the side rail. Be certain that the end rail gathering is situated so its hold-up rail is at the base. Drill 3/8-inch subset openings for the 3/8-inch furniture and connect utilizing paste and 1-5/8-inch screws.

Supplement the copper pipe parts through the openings in the hold-up rails connected to the gathering. To help facilitate the line through the openings, you can apply a fluid cleanser or glue wax inside the openings.

Position the leftover side rail gathering with its hold-up rail flush against the side rails and the copper pipe embedded in the openings in its hold-up rails. Drill 3/8-inch subset openings and join utilizing paste and 1-5/8-inch screws.

  1. Stage 4. Last Little Details And Hanging Hardware

  2. Last Little Details And Hanging Hardware
    Last Little Details And Hanging Hardware

Apply the paste to the furniture buttons and embed it into the screw openings on the fronts of the side rails. Fill any nail openings, sand, stain, and apply polyurethane as wanted.

Drill pilot openings for the screw eyes around 3 ½ creeps from the closures of the side rails (four aggregate). Drive screw guides into the end rails (a screwdriver assists with turning the screw snares) until the strings are completely embedded.

  1. Stage 5. Hang It Up

Coming to the last step, we will disclose just how do you hang a pot rack from the ceiling. Utilize a stud locater to find roof joists in the ideal area. On the off chance that the joists are 16 inches on focus, drive the screw guides into the first and third joists. If the joists are 12 inches on focus, drive the screw guides into the first and fourth joists.

Make certain to drive the screw snares until the strings are completely embedded into the joists (consider the thickness of the roof drywall). Spot the chain, through the middle connection, onto the screw snares in the roof and the finishes of the chain onto the screw snares on the pot rack gathering. Connect S-snares to the copper lines to hang pots, dishes, and utensils.

Hang It Up
Hang It Up


Well, this differs and depends from people to people, and home to home. Most individuals wish to swing a wood hanging pot rack, or any other for that matter, in a comfortable accessible height. Firstly, the distance is usually one foot above the individual’s height, so that it does not interfere or restrict their activities and movements.

Secondly, the height of the ceiling also matters in determining the distance of the hanging pots and pans racks. However, in cases of heightened kitchens, people resort to wall-hanging pot racks, as that seems much. So, determine the above two measures and take your pick!


Pot racks are bulky and access a lot of storage space. When it comes to best organizations, they are mostly simple and direct. Listed below are some hanging pot rack decorating ideas.

  • Overhead Pots And Pans Organizer

Hanging pots and skillet is an incredible method to save bureau space while likewise keeping regular things reachable. Hang a pots and skillet coordinator over the kitchen island. You can make one yourself with lengths of copper line and S-snares.

  • Attractive Knife Strip

Ever wondered where should pot racks be placed in a small kitchen? Well, this is a decent solution for little kitchens with an excessive number of cooking wares and pot covers. You can DIY an attractive blade strip or get one on the web. Leave some space on the end for much smaller pot covers.

Attractive Knife Strip
Attractive Knife Strip
  • Profound Drawers

Profound drawers turn out incredible for putting away cookware, simply make certain to have sufficient room to set your pots and dish in one layer so that they will be simpler to pull out. Carry out bureau drawers make it simple to recover enormous pots and dish and will work with a cupboard coordinator for pots and skillet.

  • Hang pots and pans on wall DIY

If you have wall space that is not involved by cabinets, give hanging your pots and dish a shot on the wall. Join a board or metal railing to the wall and add a few snares. Pick snares that permit the pots and dishes to a lean level against the wall.


So, those were some basic faqs on how to hang a pot rack in the kitchen. We hope this was resourceful for you, and that it helped you build an aesthetic cooking space in your homes!

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