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X-23 May Be In “The Wolverine 3”

Fans already knew that Hugh Jackman (The Prestige), Patrick Stewart (Star Trek: The Next Generation), and Boyd Holbrook (Gone Girl) will star in The Wolverine 3. However, rumor has it that a new X-Men character will make their debut in this blockbuster sequel. X-23, a female mutant who first appeared in X-Men: Evolution and only made her comic book debut in 2004. As her name implies, X-23 owes her origins to an attempt to replicate the Weapon X program. In fact, X-23 is a direct clone of Wolverine.

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X-23, a.k.a. Laura Kinney,  has the following powers: superhuman strength, reflexes, agility, and a healing factor. Unlike Wolverine, Laura Kinney has two claws on her hands and she can eject another claw out of either of her feet. In some versions, Kinney works alone. In other versions, she works with the X-Force and takes Wolverine’s place after his heroic death. Given this character description and her powers, it will be exciting to see a villain who can match Wolverine. That being said, this approach was utilized effectively in Bryan Singer’s X2: X-Men United when Wolverine took on Lady Deathstrike.


It is not yet known who will portray X-23. The Wolverine 3 is being directed by James Mangold (Knight & Day, The Last Samurai, & The Wolverine). Screenwriters David James Kelly and Michael Green (Green Lantern) wrote the screenplay for this superhero sequel.

Who should portray X-23 in The Wolverine 3?

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