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Why “It Follows” shouldn’t get a sequel

It Follows, which has enjoyed financial and critical success, is one of my favorite films of the year (thus far). Fans of this film frequently debate its various mysteries, symbols, and the ending. If It Follows is creating such a strong reaction from viewers and enjoying financial success, why should it not get a sequel?


It Follows should not get a sequel for the same reason that Inception should not. Making a sequel to Inception would require Christopher Nolan to make a definitive interpretation of the ending. Given the amount of debate that the ending of Inception stirred, a definitive interpretation would upset a large portion of its fanbase.


The ending of It Follows is open ended to some degree. One could argue that It is always going to chase Jay and Paul. One could argue that they embraced this fate, and are willing to die. After all, they are walking, hand-in-hand, without looking for It to attack at the end. It is also possible that Jay and Paul are going to fight It together from now on. If you believe that It is a physical manifestation of people’s sins and or mistakes, then the ending could imply that they will always haunt you and tear you apart from the inside.


Some of the other mysteries that fans debate about include: Did Jay really pass on the curse to those three guys in the boat? Or did something else happen? What does It symbolize/represent?

What does the fact that the teenagers see more of their parents as It rather than any other people indicate? According to Entertainment Weekly, David Robert Mitchell has stated that he is “open to” making a sequel. The co-President of Radius-TWC has suggested that the title of the original could be reversed, and the sequel could focus on that. In other words, the sequel could be about Jay and Paul, or other characters, tracking the history of It while trying to survive its attacks.

If this sequel happens, Mitchell will have to decide if Jay and Paul survived the end of It Follows. Also, Mitchell will have to deepen the mythology of It, and make it more concrete. This would lessen the mystery and lively debate that the first film created. In cases like this and Inception, the mystery surrounding an idea is often far more intriguing than the answers.

Do you think It Follows should get a sequel?

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