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Why “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” is the BEST Comic Book Movie to date


Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice” was actually REALLY BAD!

Here are our PROS and CONS for it

PROS: – Ben Affleck is the best Batman yet.
– Director Zack Snyder comes up with some beautifully composed shots, with Larry Fong’s gorgeous cinematography placing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice among the best-looking comic book films.
– In terms of superficiality, Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are awe-inspiring and have stepped out of the pages of the DC comic books.
– One Batman-centric action scene is not only the standout action beat of the entire film, it’s the best Batman action scene presented by any cinematic iteration of the character.
– Amy Adams and Laurence Fishburne put in another nice turn as scrappy reporter Lois Lane and hard-assed Perry White, respectively. Jeremy Irons is be the best theatrical Alfred Pennyworth yet.
– The score by Hans Zimmer (The Dark Knight) and Junkie XL (Mad Max: Fury Road) is appropriately epic and powerful.

CONS: – The Batman and Superman relationship is non-existent.
– Sold as both a physical and philosophical confrontation between the two titular heroes, the film fails to deliver on either.
– Superfluous characters, plot points, and story-lines weigh down the narrative, turning Batman v Superman into a $150 million dollar trailer for Warner Brothers’ upcoming slate of DC comic book adaptations.
– What could have – and should have – been a thoughtful film devolves into a big, dumb, loud mess, over-packed with CGI and dull, mind-numbing action that is both oppressive and relentless.
– Jesse Eisenberg’s portrayal of Lex Luthor is on par with that of Jim Carrey’s depiction of the goofy and campy Riddler from 1995’s goofy and campy Batman Forever. The film’s other opponent, Doomsday, is simultaneously wasted and pointless, serving as nothing more than a means to replicate and outdo the action-packed finale of Man of Steel.
– Director Zack Snyder learned nothing from the often-criticized ending of Man of Steel, not only repeating the same mistakes, but somehow managing to outdo said mistakes.
– An unfocused, cluttered and disjointed narrative and forced, corporate mandated setups for future movies – namely Justice League – drag Batman v Superman down into a confused, chaotic mess, botching both Batman and Superman’s most famous comic book story-lines in the process.

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