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Top 3 Batsuits That Should Be In “Batman vs. Superman”


There is a lot of speculation on which suit will do best for the Batman Vs. Superman Movie. We have come to the conclusion that these three suits would be the best considering the style they are trying to represent in this movie!

The Dark Knight Returns


This design was created by none other than Frank Miller and became well know from the animated movie, “The Dark Knight Returns”. After gathering all the bits and pieces, heard from Synder and additional rumors, it seems as though the new Batman character will play more of an aged and worn down figure. With this potential character style in mind the suit that Frank Miller has created would be a perfect fit. The most difficult part for us to believe is how big, wide and muscular Batman is when wearing this suit in the animated film. Ultimately meaning Ben Affleck has a lot of work ahead of him in order to get to this level.

 Batman by: Jim Lee


Jim Lee has a very unique style when compared to most comic artists. The suit he has created brings in a sense of fear and badass to his Batman character. We have been told several times that the new suit will be like nothing we have ever seen before and Lee’s suit would definitly qualify as “the different” that we have never seen before. A suit that is all grey with an extremely long cape, giving it that bad ass feel, would give Batman a lot of mobility to show off some of his martial art skills. This would avoid him being held back by all the amor suits we have seen in the past. There has never been an actor playing the Batman who was a muscular man and wore a basic grey and black suit so this might be the one. Also it has been confirmed that Batman will have no nipples on the suit so that would make this even more possible.

Batman Incorporated


David Finch has created a suit that combines both toughness while allowing mobility. There has been rumors that the new Batman is fascinated by Superman and tries to replicate the material/suit that General Zod was wearing in the most recent Superman movie. Add some grey, a yellow utility belt and the bat symbol and you have one futuristic armored suit (See armor Below). This suit is probably the most accurate prediction to what we will see in the new movie considering Batman’s obsession with new high-tech armor and gadgets.


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