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Top 10 Shark Movies of All Time


10. Shark Night

This 2011 shark film is probably the only one that makes direct reference to the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week and Faces of Death.

9: Sharknado

“It’s so bad it’s good” applies to this shark movie. As the title implies, it is a tornado that, for whatever reason, has sharks inside it. Tara Reed is in it, though.

8: The Reef

Somewhat based on a true story, this movie is about five teenagers who get stranded on an island after their ship gets destroyed and are stalked by a Great White Shark. It is the only film that streamed itself online on its own website, a marketing strategy thought up by the director himself, Andrew Traucki.

7: Dark Tide

Starring Halle Barry, whose character is called “the shark whisperer” is struggling with bills and a hurt business after one of her divers gets eaten on her command. The nickname itself should tell you how bad the film is.

6: Bait

This film stars Phoebe Tonkin, famous for H2O: Just Add Water, so I guess it makes sense she starred in this film, though she’s not a mermaid in it.

5: 12 Days of Terror

This movie, based on a book of the same name, is the true story of a shark that attacked tourists in Central and Southern New Jersey. It stars Colin Egglesfield, which finally makes me take him seriously after Something Borrowed. This film brings up a curious question: the shark depicted in the movie ate 15 pounds of human flesh, something that to this day, scientists cannot explain.

deep-blue-sea-el-domingo-en-la-sexta-a-las-15-30-horas-original4: Deep Blue Sea

This film is probably most famous for having the very famous Jedi Master, Samuel L. Jackson, getting eaten by a shark. In this movie, the shark is genetically modified and kills off its caretakers to escape into the ocean and breed, making it the first shark in a movie to think beyond mindless brutality. Of course, I only really care about L. L. Cool J.’s famous scene where he mutters “You ate my bird!” (the shark ate his pet parrot).

3: Open Water

Also based on a true story, this film is the most morbid considering the main characters don’t survive. The couple, Daniel and Susan, were left behind during an expedition and swim to a reef for survival, only to get stung by jellyfish and slowly bitten by fish and circled by sharks. Unfortunately, only their camera survives (inside the stomach of the shark that ate them).

2: Jaws 2

Among films with sequels, it is one of the few that did better than its original until the release of Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back.

1: Jaws

This film was the highest grossing film of all time until Star Wars. Steven Spielberg used music by John Williams to signal the presence of the oncoming shark, a technique borrowed from Alfred Hitchcock. It is now preserved in the US national Film Registry in the Library of Congress. It was based on the novel of the same name.



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