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“The Walking Dead” Season 7, Episode 4, “Service” Review


Whenever “The Walking Dead” announces that the upcoming episode is going to be a special, 90-minute long episode that you “don’t want to miss,” true fans know that either something major is about to go down or it’s just simply an episode with additional exposition and scenes they could’ve easily cut. Somehow, “Service” is able to be somewhere right in the middle of those two. It’s far and away from a bad episode, and it’s not particularly great… it’s good! But it has absolutely no business being 90 minutes long, and it’s making me question whether or not I should even get excited for 90 minute episodes anymore. That being said, there is quite a bit to talk about with this one!


This entire episode is pretty much Negan coming into Alexandria, as he promised he would, and taking their shit… as he also said he would. Everything is moving as well as it could move, considering their dealing with a psychopath.. until they get to the armory and they are short by a few guns. Negan does his usual Negan fit and promises Rick that if he doesn’t provide him with the pair of missing weapons, he will “Lucille” Olivia just like he did Abraham and Glenn. Yet again, Rick gets to have more realization that he’s truly no longer in charge of anything anymore. Once the threat to Olivia is made, he gets his shit together and finds the weapons for Negan. He is truly broken by the fear that consumes him. He will lose every item he owns before he loses another life.


It was cool to see everyone be reactionary to Negan this time around. Rosita, Michonne, and Carl are the stand outs who really aren’t taking much shit from Negan. It feels like the pressure is continually rising throughout each of them, and it will only take a matter of time until it explodes. Daryl is truly broken this week, which makes me wonder if last week’s episode just really did it for him or if there was some additional torture that we didn’t get to see. Rosita being outside the group did the episode well, and it’s making me believe that she’s going to bite the dust soon. I feel like she’s going to be the next “example” for Negan to make. Possibly on the mid-season finale? I’m getting the feeling that rebels won’t last long as long as Negan is around.


After Negan leaves, the true emotion and heart of the episode starts to come out. I feel like I say this every week now, but Andrew Lincoln is too damn’ good for his own good. Rick admitting that he knows Judith isn’t his child, but he will always love her as if she was, really hit home for me. If it was any other actor, I’m not sure it would’ve fit into this episode as well as it did. But Andrew Lincoln just sells it so damn’ well. As for predictions for what’s happening next, I’m assuming that Maggie is at the Hilltop with Sasha and Jesus getting treatment.. which makes me wonder if discussions of a revolt against Negan will start to happen soon? And how long before the three of them (Alexandria, Hilltop, and The Kingdom) all come across one another due to something major? Hopefully we find out soon! 3.5/5.

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