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THE WALKING DEAD 7.16 Sneak Peeks (Video)

The march to war continues.

With Sasha imprisoned at the Sanctuary following a botched assassination attempt on Negan, Rick and allies journey to Oceanside. Once there, the group are met with opposition from leader Tanya, but are eventually successful of relieving the all-woman community of their weapons. Meanwhile at Hilltop, Gregory continues to grow frustrated with Maggie’s growing leadership role (and has plans to take a little trip to the Sanctuary).

After coming to the realization that Negan will use her against Alexandria, Sasha convinces Eugene to slip her something, anything, that will kill her. Eugene obliges: giving her one of the suicide pills he concocted a few episodes back. Rick and the group arrive back to Alexandria, with Rosita revealing they have a visitor: Dwight.

AMC has also released a sneak peek at the extended season finale:

The Walking Dead airs its extended season seven finale this Sunday at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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