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THE WALKING DEAD 7.14 Sneak Peeks (Video)

Spoilers for The Walking Dead.

The march to war with the Saviors continues.

Richard, who has long been vying to goad King Ezekiel to let the Kingdom fight back against the Saviors, put a plan in motion: during the Kingdom’s weekly offering to the Saviors, 11 melons – instead of the agreed 12 – were handed over to Gavin and his pack of hyenas. As a result, Benjamin is shot and subsequently succumbs to blood loss, dying in Carol’s cottage.

Morgan, having realized Richard’s treachery, strangles him to death. He next visits Carol and tells her how Glenn, Abraham, Spencer and Olivia died – giving Carol the push she needs to visit the Kingdom, telling Ezekiel, “We need to fight.”

In addition to the promo above, AMC has released a sneak peek clip from the next episode, “The Other Side.”

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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