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THE WALKING DEAD 7.13 Sneak Peeks (Video)

AMC has released a promo and a clip from this Sunday’s installment of The Walking Dead, “Bury Me Here.”

Last night’s episode saw Rick and Michonne on the search for supplies, mostly guns, to fulfill their deal with Jadis and the Scavengers. After a close call with a pack of Walkers, Rick tells Michonne that – even if he dies – he’s entrusting the leadership role of their people to Michonne. Back at Alexandria, Tara has finally made a decision: she’s going to tell Rick about Oceanside, the all-female community harboring a shit load of guns. Meanwhile, Rosita drops in at the Hilltop to see Sasha. She has a proposition: let’s take a trip to the Sanctuary and kill Negan. Sasha has only one condition – she gets to take the shot.

Sunday’s episode, 7.13, looks to be focused on Carol / Morgan / the Kingdom.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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