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THE WALKING DEAD 7.12 Sneak Peeks (Video)

Spoilers for The Walking Dead.

Last we saw Eugene, he was kidnapped by Negan as result of Rosita’s brash actions. Unlike Daryl, who was held prisoner in the hole at Negan’s Sanctuary, Eugene is put to work. While Negan utilizes “Dr. Smartypants,” Dwight is on the hook for Daryl’s escape — and his used-to-be wife, Sherry, is nowhere to be found. After visiting their old home, Dwight returns to the Sanctuary as Eugene receives a proposition from a pair of Negan’s wives, Frankie and Tanya: they want the genius to concoct a pair of lethal pills for their depressed and suicidal friend, Amber.

While the Sanctuary’s doctor is set up as a scapegoat by Dwight — and subsequently burned alive, tossed into a furnace by Negan — Eugene watches in horror. Having deduced the “suicide pills” would be used to assassinate Negan instead, Eugene refuses to hand them over to Frankie and Tanya. Later that night, Eugene is visited by Negan and asked a very important question: Who are you? “I’m Negan,” he says before Negan reaches the question mark.

It’s unlikely Eugene — who has copped to being an admitted coward multiple times before, even in this very episode — has actually turn coat and defected to Negan’s side, even if he is now a valued member of the Saviors’ workforce. No, Dr. “Mullet” Smartypants is likely going to further find his bravery and his confidence as an inside man in Negan’s operation before the inevitable showdown between Alexandria, the Hilltop, the Kingdom and the Sanctuary.

AMC has released a promo as well as a sneak peek look at Sunday’s episode 7.12, “Say Yes”:

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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