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THE WALKING DEAD 7.10 “New Best Friends” Sneak Peek (Video)

The Walking Dead returned with its mid-season premiere Sunday night, with Alexandria leader Rick Grimes ready to lead the war against Negan and the Saviors. After effectively rallying the Hilltop community — despite resistance from the cowardly Gregory — Rick and Team Family approached King Ezekiel, leader of the Kingdom, with a simple quest: join us in our fight against Negan. Morgan maintains his reservations against violence, but to Rick, Michonne, Daryl, Sasha, Maggie and Rosita, the only thing left to do is fight back. Ezekiel declines to commit the Kingdom’s assistance in the fight, believing it’s in the best interest of his subjects.

Ezekiel makes a good will offer, allowing Daryl — who made a bloody escape from the Sanctuary, home to Negan and the main compound of the Saviors — to remain in the Kingdom. The Saviors don’t step foot in Ezekiel’s domain, giving Daryl a safe place to hide. Leaving Daryl and the Kingdom behind, Rick and the crew come across highway blockage rigged with explosives. After dismantling the death-trap-to-be while under duress from an approaching herd of Walkers, Team Family make an escape while Rick and Michonne drive parallel to one another — using a connective cable to take out a slew of Walkers with slicing precision.

Upon return to Alexandria, it’s learned that Father Gabriel is gone, having seemingly abandoned his post, horded what little supplies remain, and opted out for a joyride, never to return. Rick, finding an overturned bible with “BOAT” scribbled on its final page, believes there must be more to the situation and that Gabriel didn’t betray Alexandria. Trekking back to the boathouse where Rick and Aaron last made a desperate, dangerous supply run for Negan, Rick and the crew are surrounded by a massive crowd of Mad Max rejects, all with various forms of weaponry — and he smiles.

In addition to the above promo, AMC has released a sneak peek at this Sunday’s episode, which will run at an extended 66 minutes.

The Walking Dead airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on AMC.

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