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THE WALKING DEAD 6.06: “Always Accountable” Preview and Sneak Peek (Video)

Spoilers for episode 6.05 of The Walking Dead.

In the latest installment of The Walking Dead, “Now,” there was romance, revelations, sewer Walkers, and even more unanswered questions. What is the origin of the blood on the wall? Is it seeping through, or coming from above – and what does it mean? Does Ron’s interest in learning to shoot come from a desire to protect his mom and brother, or will this have dangerous implications for Ron’s rival, Carl? Are Tara and Denise a thing now? Deanna faced internal conflict, torn between giving up hope on Alexandria – the walled-off safe-zone that Deanna helped establish –  and continuing forward with her initial “pie in the sky” dream for the community; how will Deanna affect Alexandria going forward? Aaron confessed to his dropped pack having lead the murderous Wolves to Alexandria’s front doors; will he be further ostracized by his fellow Alexandrians as a result? We learned Maggie is pregnant, but what the hell happened to Glenn?!

The Walking Dead
With three episodes of The Walking Dead left in 2015, these questions and more remain to be answered. Next week, audiences will catch up with Daryl, Sasha, and Abraham, the trio tasked with helping lead a herd of the undead away from the group’s home. Courtesy of AMC, we have a sneak peek and preview for next Sunday’s episode, “Always Accountable,” which will see Daryl run into trouble:

Motherdick! Has Daryl Dixon finally met his end? Find out on the next episode of The Walking Dead, airing this Sunday at 9 pm on AMC.

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