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“The Flash” Season 1, Episode 10, “Revenge of the Rogues” Review


After the mid-season finale, it was pretty clear that everything would get a bit more intense with “The Flash.” With the reveal of the Reverse Flash, all of Barry’s enthusiasm about being a hero have suddenly decreased. An argument could be made that this occurred after Oliver taught him some lessons in the crossover, but any great villain is the person who makes our hero question himself and his abilities. As he states in the opening scene of the episode, “I am not the fastest man alive.”


While Reverse Flash barely makes an appearance in the episode, unless you count his influences on Barry, “Revenge of the Rogues” manages to be a bit game changing in the grand scheme of things, and a good return after a long and boring hiatus of no action. Not to worry, as there is plenty of action to go around in this episode; For the most part, that is. Like most episodes of “The Flash,” there is a ton of build-up, but it makes for a more than satisfying payoff and end note for fans.
A majority of “Revenge of the Rogues” is focused on the many issues of Barry and his team. Meaning, yes, Barry is still focusing on his confusion with Iris, and Caitlin digs a bit deeper into investigations that eventually get her tangled into the main antagonists of the episode, Snart and Rory. This episode doesn’t exactly push forward into unfamiliar territories as far as its ‘hero vs villain’ dynamics go, but it does push our protagonist way further. As always, the build-ups in these episodes turn out to be meaningful. Any faithful fan of the show has learned by now that these slow burns turn out to be well worth the wait.
Like I said, all of this is leading to the climax. We’ve seen The Flash fight his baddies in the Downtown Area before. Heck, he’s even done that with Oliver Queen, but this fight is still awesome. Between Snart and Rory doing a bad-ass combo of “fire and ice” blasters, and Barry testing out his new skills, it makes for both an awesome set piece and a surprisingly impressive set of visuals. Pat yourself on the back, CW VFX team.
As always, it’s about the choices that Barry makes each Tuesday night for the 40-minutes or so that we spend with him that dictate where the show will go. He makes a pivotal decision at the end of this episode that may or may not dictate the future of both The Flash and Barry Allen. It’s an interesting concept, and without spoiling much, I can’t wait to see where they go from there. I’d bet that we see a few more fun episodes along the way before we get into the meat of this story, but for a setup, “Revenge of the Rogues” is more than serviceable and one hell of an entertaining episode. 4/5.

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