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TERMINATOR GENISYS Sequel Dropped from Paramount’s 2017 Schedule

Originally planned for a May 19th, 2017 release, Paramount Pictures’ desired Terminator Genisys followup has been dropped from the studio’s 2017 schedule. Terminator Genisys – having underperformed with $440 million worldwide and outright flopping critically with an abysmal 25% on Rotten Tomatoes – was supposed to re-start the iconic franchise, which kicked off with James Cameron’s 1984 The Terminator.  Arnold Schwarzenegger returned to the franchise in a starring role alongside Emilia Clarke (Game of Thrones) and Jai Courtney (Insurgent) but the convoluted and mishandled film failed to catch on with audiences in a busy Summer.

Terminator Genisys
Paramount, understandably displeased with the costly film’s performance – it failed to pass $100 million domestically – has now pulled “Terminator 2” from its 2017 release slot, giving the date instead to Dwayne Johnson’s Baywatch. The studio had also carved out a June 2018 release date for a third flick in the newly refreshed series – a date that will no longer be met. Until the sequel officially moves forward with more than a release date, The Terminator franchise is effectively in limbo.

This isn’t the first sign of trouble for the aging franchise. In October, Skydance Media Chief Creative Officer Dana Goldberg said that further installments in the planned trilogy weren’t so much “on hold” as they were being “re-adjusted” in light of Genisys‘ disappointing performance. A film being put “on hold” doesn’t always carry the mark of death – but it’s rarely a good sign. Just ask 20th Century Fox and Warner Brothers if their previously-planned Fant4stic 2 and Green Lantern sequels are actually in limbo or, instead, are in a forgotten graveyard despite having previously carved out release dates. (Fant4stic has been largely swept under the rug, and Warner Brothers is rebooting Green Lantern). If future Terminator installments come, it wouldn’t be surprising if the entire mythology was rebooted, starting over entirely from scratch and with actors who perhaps carry a bit more box office draw. He’ll be back… eventually. Possibly. Probably.

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