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Stephen King short “The Ten O’ Clock People” is getting the big screen treatment

Another Stephen King adaptation is coming to the big screen.

THR is reporting that “The Ten O’ Clock People,” one of Stephen King’s shorts from “Nightmares and Dreamscapes,” will be adapted to a feature length film.

Jay Baruchel (“This is the End”) will star as Brandon Pearson, a smoker so desperate to kick the habit that he begins treatment using a cessation drug.

But when his willpower crumbles and he picks up the cigarettes once more, the combination of smoking with the remnants of the drug trigger a chilling side effect that reveals to him the insidious reality of his world. Many of the people in charge, from police officers to high-ranking politicians aren’t human at all, but inhuman monsters in disguise. Upon this realization, he joins a band of resistance members called The Ten O’Clock People.

This sounds an awful lot like the plot of “They Live,” but I guess it’s different enough to not upset fans of that classic film.

King films USUALLY turn out pretty good, and I can’t wait to see this one. ZZZZ

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