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You may have noticed our site looks a little different lately, and that’s because some big things are happening at the Red Carpet Refs. Not only have we changed our aesthetics and functionality, hopefully streamlining some things, but we’ve got a BIG announcement!!

We’ve developed a Members Only section for our generous fans!! For a small fee you get all all this:

-Members Only giveaways! (Prizes will be better, and so will chances to win)

– Special deals/coupons for brand name companies

– Joining our exclusive Members Only mailing list

-First Dibs on ADVANCE SCREENINGS (locations and availability may vary)!!

Detailed Description Of Screenings: We will email all members with links to our screening pages BEFORE they are released to the public for a set amount of time. Tickets, and Seats at the Theater, will still be FIRST COME FIRST SERVED!!! We are just giving you an opportunity to get at the goodies FIRST!



DON’T WORRY THOUGH! We’ll still have giveaways FREE for EVERYONE, but we’ll also have giveaways just for our paying members! Non-paying members can still enjoy the site in all its glory, but just not as much as the cool kids! 😉

We’re instituting these easy-to-adapt-to changes in order to allow us the opportunity to grow so we can continue sharing the latest movie news and reviews, and it allows us to continue having advance screenings and even better giveaways! Your continued support will ensure we can get even bigger and better prizes, and weekly giveaways will be the norm!

“Notice: Paying for a membership does NOT guarantee you passes to screenings, nor does it guarantee you seats at screenings should you get passes. The membership gives you access to the screening passes for a set amount of time before they are released to the public. Once that time window has passed it’s a free for all, and you’ll have to claim them like everyone else.”