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Phoenix Comicon 2015


Phoenix_Comicon_logoThis past weekend I was able to attend the 2015 Phoenix Comicon.  Located in downtown Phoenix, the convention center was abuzz with thousands of excited nerds braving the heat and traffic for a weekend of festivities. When I arrived Friday morning, was happy to see that they opened up a lot more of the convention center for the event. This allowed for more room for attendees and vendors. Even the major celebrity panels had their own floor. Despite the extra room, with the increased attendance, getting from one place to another was often sluggish and occasionally cramped. However, the staff did a terrific job with organizing traffic within the buildings and I quickly learned that I could avoid the crowds if I opted to use the stairs. #FeelTheBurn

Quail Man!

The first night I attended the Sailor Moon Rave. Raving is totally my jam so I wasnt going to miss it. I’ve been to a lot of raves and this one was just okay. However, the DJ was decent and the attendees were 100% committed to dancing the night away. My favorite encounter of the night was with a guy and his buddies while I was cooling off in the hall. They were pretty hung up on the $16 cover.

Guy: Hey, is it fun in there? Is it worth the money?

Me: The party is fine. But I have a feeling it will pick up soon. Besides, it’s midnight. What else are you gonna do?

Guy: Go back to our hotel and get really drunk and pass out.

Me: Alright, well let me ask you this. Where will there be more girls?


Howl (Howl’s Moving Castle)

I’m not as dedicated to making friends at dance parties. So, I thought I’d do it in the most efficient way possible…  by hitting up Sci-Fi Speed Dating. I had attended a session last year and had a blast so I made sure to make time for it again. I barely made it to an afternoon session where I had the pleasure of sitting by a very sweet woman who wore one of my favorite costumes of the week.

Handy Dandy Notebook from Blues Clues

I was taken aback at how many people expressed suspicion of my motive for being there. “Are you actually here to meet people? Are you just here for a story? Are you gonna write about me!?” It took everything in me not to retort with an assurance that after our 3 min conversation, I would most likely forget them forever.  Next time I’ll hide my media badge in my purse and keep my RedCarpet Ref affiliation on the DL.

Lilo & Stitch


I also had the pleasure of attending the “Talk Nerdy to Me” Burlesque show. I had never attended a burlesque show and I had zero intention of going at first. However, our dear Ref Kevin is gifted in the art of peer pressure. He was persistent in persuading me to go and I eventually caved because I’m a sucker for doing things that have the potential to be an entertaining story later.

Kevin turned out to be right as usual because I loved it. The women (and a few men) were phenomenal performers. All the dancers of various shapes and sizes were unified by their confidence and their ability to command a room. There was so much body positivity promoted and I left feeling much more confident about myself. Hey, if a fluffy woman can get up there and shake what her momma gave her and be just as sexy as the size 2 dancers, why can’t we all?!  Maybe I’ve found a new profession (I’m kidding, mom and dad).

Star-Lord & Groot

Phoenix Comicon booked some great celebrities this year. I got to sit in on a few of them. Here are some of my favorite moments from each panel.

Jason Momoa

Jason Mamoa

On the weather: It’s freaking hot out there! Why do you people live here?!

Idk, man. I ask myself the same thing everytime it hits 100 degrees.

Any special effects that got too close?I was in a scene where they were shooing fireballs and they had plastic above us. and these fireballs were going off and it melted the plastic and it dripped down onto my eye. Thank God I have a Neanderthal forehead because the Hawaiian visor caught it! So it didn’t go in my eye. And im like “I’M HIT! I’M HIT!”. So I swipe my eye and it rips off all the hair and it was gnarly. This eye has taken a lof of abuse. But it has protected me. Its my shield.

Christopher Lloyd

If you went back in time, where would you like to go?I would like to go to the Elizabethan age and be present when Shakespeare’s plays were first being performed.  What a treat to see… I would have loved to have been there.

Ron Perlman


On whether he was a biker before Son’s of Anarchy. Not only did I not ride before the show but when I was asked to learn how to ride, I had a lot of trouble getting comfortable with it. It’s kind of highly chronicle but my most proud achievement on Sons of Anarchy was that for six years I played the president of one of the most badass biker gangs and I never got my Harley out of second gear. Whenever I was ready to get it into third gear a stunt guy would come on and finish the ride. If you’re wrapped up in thinking I’m a bike guy, I’m here to disappoint you.

Phoenix Comicon outdid themselves again this year. When it came to organization, activities, panels and Celebrity guests, they really brought it. I am eager to see what they top it next year. Fellow Arizonans, Mark your calendars for June 2-5 2016. You won’t want to miss it.


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