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Ocean’s 8 Cast Adds More Star Power

Rihanna, Anne Hathaway and Awkwafina are joining the cast of the Warner Bros. remake of the heist classic Ocean’s 11, Deadline reports. The project already has stars Sandra Bullock (The Blind Side, Gravity), Cate Blanchett (The Lord of the Rings, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button), Mindy Kaling (The Office, The Mindy Project) and Helena Bonham Carter (Fight Club) on board, so it appears that the crew is almost completely cast.

Rihanna has made several forays into the film industry, most notably with her appearance in 2012’s Battleship, but landing this role certainly represents big a step forward for her acting career. The studio is obviously hoping that she will broaden the film’s appeal, bringing in some of Rihanna’s massive musical fanbase. Rapper Awkwafina (not her real name, duh) carries a similar appeal. Meanwhile, Hathaway and Bullock are two of the biggest actresses on the planet, so it’s clear that this film won’t fail for lack of starpower.

While specific roles for each woman have not been announced, my guess is that Bullock will be playing the George Clooney character, while Hathaway will fill the Brad Pitt role. The others will make up the supporting parts of the team.

Are there any other character comps you can make?


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