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Movies That Forced Actors To Learn Crazy Skills (Video)

Acting, by its very definition, involves performing a fictional role. When performing a fictional role and pretending to be somebody else, an actor has to project that character’s traits – which range from their speech and intelligence, to their body language and skills. The latter of those traits – the skills – can often be difficult to convey, which is why, in a lot of cases, actors actually have to learn new skills to convincingly become another person on screen. In this video, we’ll take a look at just some of the skills that actors have had to become proficient at in order to portray certain characters on the big screen. Here’s Screen Rant’s list of ten crazy skills actors had to learn for movie roles.

Olivia Munn: Sword Skills
Channing Tatum: Tap Dancing
Natalie Portman: Ballet
Robert Downey Jr: The Violin
Joseph Gordon-Levitt: Tightrope Walking
Jennifer Lawrence: Chopping Wood & Skinning Squirrels
Jesse Eisenberg: Magic Tricks
Adrien Brody: The Piano
Daniel Day-Lewis: Tracking, Hunting & Skinning Animals
Margot Robbie: Holding Her Breath for 5 Minutes

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