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Michael Fassbender Looks Badass in New Assassin’s Creed Set Photos


Starring in the movie adaptation of a video game is never easy, as many viewers will already have a pretty inflexible idea of who the characters are and what they look like. For Michael Fassbender in Assassin’s Creed, that challenge is doubled because he will essentially be playing two characters.

assassins-creed-michael-fassbender-michael-k-williams-600x336 assassins-creed-movie-image-600x315

Just like the video game series, the film will follow the story of Callum Lynch, a death row inmate who is recruited by the shadowy Abstergo Corporation for use in the Animus project. The Animus enables Callum to relive the memories of his genetic ancestor Aguilar, who is a member of an ancient order of assassins. Abstergo hopes that these memories will reveal the locations of valuable artifacts that the company can retrieve.

michael-fassbender-assassins-creed-348x600 assassins-creed-michael-fassbender-image-576x600

Reports from the AC set say that the film will spend more time in the present day Abstergo facility than the sprawling vistas of 15th century Spain, a model that would be the inverse of that employed by the games. However, Fassbender will be playing both Callum and Aguilar, meaning that he will not only have to live up to fans expectations of the characters, but also differentiate between the two versions of himself on screen. I expect Fassbender to have no problem with these challenges because he is an awesome actor. Regardless of his performance though, these newly released set photos show that he will look awesome in whatever the eventual product is.

assassins-creed-michael-fassbender-jeremy-irons-600x343   assassins-creed-justin-kurzel-marion-cotillard-600x384 assassins-creed-marion-cotillard-jeremy-irons-600x338 assassins-creed-aguilar-michael-fassbender-600x338 assassins-creed-movie-michael-fassbender-600x400  assassins-creed-marion-cotillard-michael-fassbender-600x400


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