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MegaCon 2017 Review

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Well, Megacon 2017 came and went, and it was a blast! This year the refs got to take on one of the largest conventions for all things nerd! They’ve got comic books, movie posters, anime shops, original art, cosplay, celebrities, panels, and a lot of walking! They’ve expanded their fan base, and they brought they’re A game for fans new and old! MegaCon is a massive convention and the gruelling walk from the parking lot to the convention center can prove that. That being said, this year was a lot more spacious and spread out and it was also their biggest year ever!

In terms of organization, this year went swell. While we did have to walk miles, it was all worth it. The extra space made it easier to get from Point A to Point B, even with the massive crowds of fans. The Florida Heat (still waiting on the trademark) bouncing off the pavement in the parking lot was inevitable but it wasn’t that bad this year. The convention was massive, and it’s hard to actually describe the scope of it. It filled up the entire convention center and was almost overflowing. There are parts of the show floor I don’t even think I got to see. Next year we might have to go with a map and compass!

This year I was a bit disappointed by the vendors. There was an excess of anime stands and the fidget spinner trend took over. I would have liked to see stands related to movies but there were some good ones. But when I say excess of anime stands I mean excess. They could have taken up an entire wing of the convention center. There was a surprising amount of charger stands but the comic book stands did not disappoint. Some displays featured the first appearance of Thor, Spider-Man, The Punisher, and a stand was nice enough to let Ref Joe hold Action Comics Issue #1! So while there was a lot of the same stuff, it was all great stuff!

The panels this year were fantastic. We got a chance to see the Tom Wilson panel, the Stranger Things panel, the Billy West panel, and the Voice Actor panel! All 3 were great in their own way. Tom Wilson’s panel was more so a stand-up show, it was hilarious! He told stories about Back To The Future, his start and an actor, and even sang songs! The Voice Actor panel was hilarious as always. They did a dramatic reading of the Princess Bride and it was awesome. Hearing Squidward and The Joker argue with each other was super cool. The Stranger Things panel was very interesting. It featured Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo) and Lucas (Caleb McLaughlin) and it was great to see them interacting. They’re obviously good friends in real life and the Refs even got to ask them a question! The Billy West panel was probably the Ref’s favorite though, seeing West do all of his iconic voices and just hearing his stories was a blast!

Did you guys go to Megacon? What did you think? What was your favorite stand, coolest celebrity, best buy…? Light it up in the comments!

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