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Marvel’s THE INHUMANS: New Details Arrive

Yesterday, we learned that Marvel and IMAX would be teaming up for Marvel’s The Inhumans, the newest comic book inspired series to hit the ABC Network. Most recently, The Hollywood Reporter brings word that the prospective outing of The Inhumans will be eight episodes in total – the same amount of episodes as the first season of ABC’s Agent Carter and the forthcoming Marvel/Netflix team up, The Defenders.

Set in the present day Marvel Cinematic Universe, The Inhumans “will include cinema-quality visual effects” as result of IMAX’s co-financing (their first), with imagery “enhanced due to IMAX technology,” The New York Times reports. No information is currently available regarding producers, cast and premise, but we do know that Inhumans will follow Black Bolt and his royal family. The series is not the planned (and subsequently abandoned) Inhumans film that would have been produced for theaters by Marvel Studios, with sources also noting that the show is not a spinoff of Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. – the four-season drama that introduced the concept of Inhumans in its second season.

The Inhumans premieres Fall 2017 on ABC.


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