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Marvel Studios’ Spider-Man Revealed? Spider Sense… Tingling!

Ghosts. Aliens. Bigfoot. The Lochness Monster. All supposedly captured on camera – and blurry. Always blurry.

A supposed “leak” of Marvel Studios’ Spider-Man has popped up online, reportedly offering fans the first, full look at our friendly neighborhood wallcrawler:


Spider sense tingling yet? Despite the “Marvel Studios” branding, there’s no real proof to lend any kind of legitimacy to this image. While this doesn’t appear to be a frame from Captain America: Civil War – where Spider-Man will make his Marvel Cinematic Universe debut – it’s possible,  though unlikely, that this image could have been leaked from a costume screen test.

Dedicated fans have taken to the internet with fakes before. This video, below, was a supposed “post credits scene” from this year’s Age of Ultron:

That, of course, ended up proving to be an elaborate ruse:

If you’re not crawling up the walls just yet, consider that the spider emblem on the chest closely resembles the emblem from Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man trilogy:

Raimi Spider-Man logo
It could be some really impressive cosplay:

Spider-Man cosplay
Spider-Man cosplay
Marvel Studios – known for their “Marvel Snipers,” a reference to their highly secretive process in regards to the making of their films – aren’t impervious to leaks. The Avengers: Age of Ultron trailer infamously leaked online, in poor quality, ahead of its planned televised debut. Most recently, some Captain America: Civil War screenshots have surfaced from the footage screened at D23 – despite heavy security intended to prevent such leaks.

It’s not unheard of, or unprecedented, that this is a case of a fan donning a costume, taking some photos, and intentionally blurring them or altering them to make them appear as though they were taken in secret and leaked to the internet. Due to Marvel’s secrecy – and their dedication to holding everything Spider-Man close to the chest until they choose to premiere an official look  – a leak would be unlikely. Considering that an image of Luke Skywalker from the highly secretive, highly guarded Star Wars: The Force Awakens leaked, anything is possible.

Real or fake, whoever is behind the image seems to have been influenced by Todd McFarlane’s iteration of Spider-Man.

McFarlane Spider-Man
In any event, the mystery around Marvel’s Spider-Man is keeping fans on the edge of their seat.  Captain America: Civil War hits theaters May 6, 2016, and will see the Marvel Cinematic Universe debut of Tom Holland’s Spider-Man.

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