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Mahershala Ali Joins TRUE DETECTIVE Season 3

We all loved season one of HBO’s sublime True Detective. It was well acted, riveting, and had some of the best dialogue of any show in recent years. So when season two was announced we were eager to see what Nic Pizzolatto would deliver, and what he delivered was… not very good. So, while hype has fallen off substantially, we’ve all been cautiously optimistic to see if a season three would be developed. But it seems like the ball is finally rolling as it seems that Moonlight star Mahershala Ali has joined the cast of True Detective Season 3!

Now, admittedly, I love the first season of True Detective. I think it’s the finest show HBO has ever made and has 2 of the best performances of all time from Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson. So I’m kinda a fan. Like many, I was very let down by season 2 and if I learned anything from that is a great cast doesn’t mean it will be a great show. While I think Ali would do fantastic in a show like this, I’ll need to see who’s directing and if Pizzolatto will be writing the whole thing again. But this is still good. Ali will fit perfectly in this universe.

Who would you like to see join Season 3 of True Detective?

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