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“Mad Max: The Wasteland”

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 According to Variety, Mad Max: The Wasteland is the name of the sequel to George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road, which continues the franchise’s tendency to have simple titles. Mad Max is about Max becoming mad when criminals kill his partner and family. The Road Warrior is about Max becoming the Road Warrior as he fights a group of criminals terrorizing a town of innocent people over gasoline, and Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome was about Max fighting in Thunderdome and venturing beyond Thunderdome. Ironically, when Max left Thunderdome, the film completely fell apart and turned into a family friendly crapfest. Mad Max: Fury Road was about Furiousa’s struggle for redemption, and Max’s battle to survive as they are pursued by Immortan Joe and various henchmen that want to kill them and reclaim Joe’s sex slaves from Furiosa.


The ending of Fury Road shows Max looking at Furiosa as he is leaving the Citadel, going his own way back out into the wasteland, looking for something else. The title, Mad Max: The Wasteland, is vague in an intriguing way. In this new Mad Max series, it is not clear what lies in the wasteland beyond the Citadel. By making the audience wonder and imagine what is coming next, Miller has left the sequels open to any story-line and characters that he wants.

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There’s no official release date or Warner Brothers announcement about this film. Everything is from George Miller so far so as long as Miller is involved I am excited to see more Mad Max films. After all, Fury Road was a unique summer blockbuster that was gleefully chaotic, meticulously paced, and relentlessly entertaining. Here’s to hoping Miller gets to make more Mad Max and that the next sequel lives up to Fury Road.

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Are you looking forward to Mad Max: The Wasteland?

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