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Live Action Remake of ALADDIN Will Be a Musical

Looks like Disney’s new live action remake of Aladdin will not be a whole new world, well… in terms of musicality.  In a recent interview with Nerdist for his new film King Arthur: The Legend of the Sword, Aladdin director Guy Ritchie had this to say about the developing script:

“It’d be tough not to make it a musical. It’s too early, because I’ve really just immersed myself into that project. So I’m still looking for cast memebers, we still haven’t found exactly which direction we’re going in. I’m confident that at some stage it will reveal itself to me, but right now it’s just a bit too premature.”

When it was announced last October that Guy Ritchie was set to direct the new reboot for Disney, it was said that the film would have some “musical elements” to it. But according to Ritchie himself, it’s now going to be a full-blown musical. But hey, no one is complaining. At least until all the songs are stuck in our heads all over again.

In terms of its cast members, it’s all just been rumours. However, it is said that Will Smith is being courted to play the titular role of Genie. It was said before that he was going to sign on for the live-action Dumbo but now it seems like Smith will most likely play a part in Aladdin.  There were also rumours that Kevin Hart was going to star as Genie, but now sources are pointing towards Hart possibly playing Jafar’s bird Iago.

What do you think? Are you glad it’s a musical? Do you hope The Fresh Prince will actually play Genie? Let us know what you think!

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