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Lionsgate CEO Hints At More TWILIGHT And HUNGER GAMES Movies

It seemed like the Young Adult adaptation wave was coming to a sad but needed end. Series like Divergent ended in a painful slump and entries like The Third Wave and Percy Jackson couldn’t even spawn sequels. Well, it seems we can’t let sleeping dogs lie as the CEO of Lionsgate still wants to milk the Twilight and Hunger Games cows!

According to Variety, Lionsgate CEO Jon Feltheimer talked about the future of these franchises during a quarterly earnings call on Tuesday, saying

“There are a lot more stories to be told, and we’re ready to tell them when our creators are ready to tell those stories”

Feltheimer implied that they would only continue with the consent of authors Stephenie Meyer and Suzanne Collins. So the apocalypse is coming guys. It’s no secret that Twilight is not the best film series out there and while The Hunger Games started with potential, it sorta fizzled out. Am I being too harsh? Yes. Returning to franchises has worked in the past with Harry Potter and even Wet Hot American Summer but who really knows how this could turn out? Are you excited to return to Forks Washington AND District 12?


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