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Leonardo DiCaprio to star in “The Revenant”

An epic story of survival and revenge is coming to theaters, and A-list star Leonardo DiCaprio will now be starring in it.

According to /Film, DiCaprio has fully committed to “The Revenant” as his next starring role, and I’m sure director Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu (“Birdman”) couldn’t be happier.

The film has had many different actors in the lead role, from Samuel L. Jackson to Christian Bale, but now production will get underway in September, and everything is locked in tight.

Based on a true story DiCaprio will star as Hugh Glass, a man left for dead in the American wilderness in 1823. Abandoned by his expedition partners he vows to survive and seek vengeance…and he does.

This sounds like an incredible role for the star, and it could be unique enough to finally get him that Oscar win! zzzzz2

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