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James Wan in talks to helm “Robotech” for Sony


It seems the success of the latest Fast & Furious. Furious 7,  has finally helped James Wan put his name on the map.

Despite having an incredible career thus far, creating the InsidiousThe Conjuring, and Saw franchise, he was never really getting any big properties until now.

The billion plus dollar success of his latest has locked him down for not only the Aquaman movie for DC Comics and Warner Bros., but now Sony wants him to direct the adaptation of Robotech. 

Sony is in desperate need of some huge hits/franchise to stay in the game, and having Wan bring to the table whatever sorcery he used to make Furious 7 a global hit is a good move.

Unfortunately for Sony, Wan is locked into the aforementioned Aquaman, and will next direct The Conjuring 2, which means he is unavailable for a few years to direct this adaptation.

Check out the trailer for James Wan’s Death Sentence, starring Kevin Bacon, below.

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