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James Mangold’s Post-LOGAN Ambitions

James Mangold doesn’t just want to keep working with Wolverine, he wants to expand on his mutant universe. In a recent interview with “We Got this Covered” the Logan director revealed his future plans.

In the interview, Mangold states that everyone should be anticipating more collaborations with Jackman, and that’s no surprise. With Logan under both their belts, the two have worked together before in films like The Wolverine and Kate & Leopold.

Logan IMAX exclusive poster.
Logan IMAX exclusive poster.

In the same interview, Mangold also says that he is interested in exploring X-23, stating that he loved working with Dafne Keen and he wants to capitalize on the character’s relatively new comic book history. The young actress is also said to have a great performance in the film.  So expect to see more X-23 in the Marvel Universe in the future.

Even though this is Hugh Jackman’s last ride as Wolverine, we’re counting on more Jackman and Mangold collaborations.

 Logan comes out in theaters everywhere March 3rd.


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