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“Helix” Review: S. 1 Ep. 4 – “Single Strand”

*Some spoilers follow

This week’s episode picks up after the small cliffhanger from episode 3 when it turns out that the test for the virus is ineffective.  There are people infected in the quarantine zone, and suspense is taken up a notch when we discover communications are down; this adds for a demented twist in “Single Strand.”

One of the best things about this episode is that we got more insight on what the virus is, and that revelation comes with the death of a major character.  I found myself throughout the episode having a ‘What the Hell’ moment, as the show tends to make you believe one thing and then turns it on it on its head a second later.  It’s one of the reasons why “Helix” can be the next big thing on Syfy since “Battlestar Galactica.”ZZZ2

There are some intimate moments that draw you in;  One scene in particular where Peter (Billy Campbell) and Allan Farragut (Neil Napier) make up for problems in their past. A few of the scenes also show how far some will keep the truth of the virus hidden, which is a cataclysm for some brutal deaths including one of the major characters.  The show, at least in this episode, does have a good way of keeping the watcher engrossed by fiddling with different genres.

            The virus itself is even more interesting.  We get some more background on it, and almost even find a cure.  It does make it frustrating to watch to not know what exactly it is, but the intrigue keeps you watching.  Even when you think you know what it is we are taking into a sudden new direction.  In one episode it’s a mutagen, another it’s a virus, and now it’s a protein in the DNA.  One of the forces behind the virus, Dr. Hatake who is played by Hiroyuki Sanada (“The Wolverine”), makes one thing about the virus even more frustrating;  the Infected didn’t attack him this episode.  There is definitely more than meets the eye with him, and it’s definitely worth watching to find out.ZZZ3

            With the great parts of the show, there are some faults as well.  “Single Strand” has a few scenes with Dr. Julie (Kyra Zagorsky) that felt weak.  They give insight on her past, but they do not seem to add to the story. However, this could change down the road.  Then there are the scenes with Dr. Sarah Jordan (Jordan Hayes) which felt even weaker than Julie’s.  It is more about shock factor than anything else when it comes to Sarah.  Shooting up morphine with an infected?  Really?!

“Helix” has been an interesting new show from the get-go.  “Single Strand” keeps the streak of amazing episodes since the premiere going, and is definitely worth a watch if you have yet to see it.  “Helix” is on Syfy channel Friday nights at 10pm. 3.5/5ZZZ

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