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“Gotham” Season 2, Episode 20, “Unleashed” Review


All of the build-up around Hugo Strange is finally beginning to make sense and pay off as we get closer to the end of the season. Compared to the last, I’d say this season has done a pretty job at keeping one continuous story going through its entirety – something I thought would be hard once they killed off Theo; and yet, even through doing something as wacky as resurrecting him via Azrael, it continues its narrative. This episode? A bit of a step down for me, and certainly loses a lot of momentum it has been building up, opposed to making it escalate even further. A lot of this is simply due to the episode just feeling a bit too dragged out.


I get it! It’s a long season, and making 22 episodes feel stuffed is a tough task to follow. Instead of going on a rant about why I feel like these shows should follow the Netflix route and only have 13 episodes, I’ll just say this – “Unleashed” has some really cool moments, and things that I enjoyed, but it’s overall very slow. I didn’t care about where Ed was going, considering I really enjoyed his last cliffhanger of finding all the weird experiments in Arkham. Here? It’s barely explored, until the end.. with ANOTHER cliffhanger. Goddamn’ it. The entire episode’s story for him really revolves around him finding a way out of Arkham, and it adds to MAYBE 3 minutes of material. So standard.
I do enjoy how both Gordon and Bruce are continuing their plans to try to nail Hugo Strange in different ways, but both also keep getting roped in with Azrael. Gordon does carry a lot of the dragging weight in this episode, but it’s hard to compliment too highly when even his story drags a little too much. Harvey has a funny little scene where he has to try to motivate the rest of the GCPD, as acting Captain, but that’s really all I have to say. Bruce and Alfred really have the best bits here, but again, it’s a bit too dragged out to really make this episode consistently good. Selina is just kind of here to be a plot convenience and find plot threads that will be followed soon.
I enjoyed the Azrael fight between Gordon, Bruce, and especially Alfred… until I didn’t. When Penguin randomly popped up both times, especially with Tabitha and Butch in the hospital – I thought it was a bad case of “a show really trying to make a character relevant, even though they don’t need them right now”. Until they bring him to take out Azrael… which was really the biggest head scratching moment of this episode. A part of me loves how abrupt and weird it was to suddenly blow him up instead of dramatically killing him, but the critical part of me thinks it sounds better in theory than execution. This certainly isn’t a bad episode, but it’s really jarring at times, a bit too slow, and has too many moments of set-up. And that STUPID Firefly cameo at the end… who cares?? 2.5/5.

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