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“Gotham” Season 1, Episode 20, “Under the Knife” Review


One of the coolest things that “Gotham” has done throughout this first season, despite all of my major and valid qualms throughout, was the world building of Gotham City. The eery, dark, noir vibe that every incarnation of any good Batman-esque story should include. Somewhere where sociopaths are crazy lovable and understood and where the mob runs deep. “Under the Knife” is probably the best episode in the shows run thus far to tackle that.

 Throughout this episode we get to see several forms of crime in the city, and we see all of our characters at their lowest and weakest and most vulnerable. Following last weeks episode with Gordon investigating the murders from ‘The Ogre,’ he gets more and more desperate to find answers and safety for his new girlfriend. This is a really solid discovery episode for him, and it leaves on a note to where it feels like his demons will only be further explored throughout the final two episodes this season.
We get an amazing Penguin-centered episode here, too. He has a body to dispose of and a person to go off on – after a long hiatus of Penguin-isms, this episode definitely delivers with bringing his character back to form, and giving him a genuine sense of dilemma to solve. This is also a treadway for seeing Edward Nygma, a character I haven’t been a huge fan of in this series, commit his first crime. Despite my distaste for the character thus far, I think this particular episode utilized him rather well.
Bruce and Selina are back to trying to investigate not only the murder of his parents, but Wayne Enterprises as a whole, and how they may or may not assosciate with their death, by attending their annual banquet. Who else is there? The Ogre and Barbara. This is a really interesting development that will undoubtely tie in all the characters together by the time the season finale rolls around.
It’s going to be really interesting to see how all of this actually forms into one genuine conclusion. The lack of Fish Mooney tonight? How is she going to appear again? A ton of uestions have been left unanswered tonight, but not in a bad way at all. As inconsistent as this show can be at times, it’s episodes like “Under the Knife” that reassure me that it really is solid and well done at its core. 4/5.

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