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Gareth Evans’ APOSTLE To Debut On Netflix

Netflix has always killed it with their great TV shows so their cross into original movies is quite exciting. Their most recent original title I Don’t Fell At Home In This World Anymore proved to be awesome and with titles like Mute, Death Note, Bright and Okja set to hit the streaming service this year, they’ve made themselves quite a resume. Well, even if those don’t turn out to be great Netflix will definitely keep killing it as they’ve just picked up Gareth Evans’ new film Apostle!

Gareth Evans’ is most known for helming the violently awesome Raid films but this project is a bit of a departure. Apostle will star Dan Stevens, most known for The Guest and Beauty and The Beast, and Martin Sheen, who you all should know. It will tell the story of a man attempting to rescue his sister who’s been kidnapped by a religious cult. Are you excited to see this?

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