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“Game of Thrones”, Season 4, Episode 5, “First of His Name” Review


It’s a weird feeling when you get to the halfway point of a season of a show that you feel just came back after a long absence, and that’s what kind of sucks about tonight’s episode of “Game of Thrones” being the halfway mark of the season, because in a few weeks the season will be over and we will all be left in our misery waiting for the next season to come on, or at least left to scrounge for details and images of the next season to hold us over, which if you’ve been there like I have, it’s never a good feeling. Which is why it’s pivotal for the writers to make the last bunch count. 760001_GOT405_100913_HS_DSC81211

 Tonight’s episode of “Game of Thrones”, like most episodes in this series, is one where a lot needs to be addressed. Between what’s going to happen with Bran, how is Daenerys settling into her new digs, and most importantly and buggingly, what is up with the baby and the White Walker? Am I the only one who still doesn’t get that? Sadly this episode doesn’t really cover the baby stuff, but you get answers to a lot of other things.
Daenerys’ bit tonight was rather short, like most this season, but manages to fill in a lot of blanks and even answered one of the questions I’ve been wondering, about how long will it take for her to cross over with the other characters on the show? I feel like the writers, and mind you I do not read the books, are holding it off for as long as possible, and tonight’s answer felt like a kick in the gut, but at the same time, it’s still nice to hear her even reference the name “Baratheon”. I get chills every time.  gameofthrones14_74-1024x681
There’s also a good amount going on between the Lannisters, more specifically, how Margarey is planning her next play and Cersei’s mild suspicions of this. There are a number of people that you wouldn’t want to mess with in the “Game of Thrones” lineup but I have to say that Cersei Lannister is at the very top of the list. This makes for a very entertaining episode, even if a bit uneven and unfocused at times, it flies by and manages to be a lot of fun in the process, specifically within the last twenty minutes. GOT_MP_091813_EP405-44621
Rushed or not, seeing Jon Snow kick some ass is always a good thing. The action in the last few moments of this episode are fantastic and a lot of fun to watch, and only reminds me why I love the character of Jon Snow so much. His mild cross over between Bran is a bit disappointing to say the least, but understandable no doubt and leaves off on a decent direction for the latter half of the season. 4/5. tommenGoTFEAT

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