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FEAR THE WALKING DEAD Episode 1.05 Preview and Sneak Peek (Video)

As the first season of Fear the Walking Dead soldiers on, Madison, Travis, and their families find their neighborhood imposed upon by a military occupation. Gates, military presence, and watchful eyes would ensure safety and survival – right? Wrong! As The Walking Dead has proved, it’s not the flesh-eating Walkers that you should fear: it’s the living! After having their families splintered, Madison, Alicia, Nick, Chris, Travis, and the Salazar family are about to discover that now is the worst possible time to have separated from your loved ones.

Courtesy of AMC, we have a preview of the upcoming fifth episode of Fear The Walking Dead, Cobalt:

(Fun fact: “Cobalt” was the original working title for Fear the Walking Dead).

AMC has also released an extended sneak peek at a scene from next week’s episode, which sees Ofelia Salazar encountering opposition as she attempts to pursue her mother. Griselda and other sick or at-risk occupants were mysteriously carted off by the military – for undoubtedly sinister purposes.

Finally, re-live last night’s most talked about scene, where the stoic Daniel gives Madison a dire warning: keep an eye on your family.

The second-to-last episode of Fear the Walking Dead‘s first season airs Sunday, September 27th on AMC. Stay tuned to Red Carpet Refs for all your “Dead” coverage!

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