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‘Doomsday is coming…’: villain likely for Batman Vs Superman

Source: BatmanNews.com

An interesting development has surfaced via Twitter and our friends at BatmanNews.com.  Apparently it is almost official that the Superman villain Doomsday is likely to be one of the villains in the upcoming Batman vs Superman film.  Here’s the interaction:


Daniel Alter is producer and he previously revealed that Batman would be semi-retired and would be controlling drones.  And @BatmanOnFilm is one of the best informed site owners on the web when it comes to Batman films.  The phrase ‘Doomsday is coming’ is the phrase that they used as a tease in one of the last issues before the ‘Death of Superman’ saga began.

With Doomsday as a likely villain, it leaves us all to speculate about people that have been rumored to be associated with the project and what role they will be playing.  I think it’s extremely likely that Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) is up for this part.  Johnson has confirmed that he has been in talks with Warner Bros about a DC project.  Most have assumed that it’s for a Lobo film or as Lobo in the upcoming film.  But, I think it is more likely that he is up for Doomsday.  He fits the part.

What do you think?  Is this a good move?  Does this mean that they might kill Superman at the end of the film?  Sound off below!


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